YAMAHA Bike Showroom/Service Center in Palam, New Delhi

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After washing clothes and having my lunch I was planning to take some rest for night shift over blogging but at the same time received a call from Mr.Arun Iyer a college senior and a good friend with an ethical mind something like mine who was coming nearby my room to get his bike serviced and wanted to take me on the ride and yeah I accepted the same.

His bike Yamaha FZ was not running smooth and he was complaining about the gear and brake what is the main component to do check everytime before taking it out in the traffic because it can cause major accident to bike as well as the rider.

Finally we got back the bike in around 1 hour of wait in their waiting room watching news regarding the scam in security department and a tribute to Sachin Tendulkar organized by the Ambani’s in Mumbai, India.

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