Why So Emotional, If You Knows that IPL is Business not the Game Anymore

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You know the Cricket a so called game is actually a business what is proved again into the 6th Indian Premier League, IPL season 2013 where 3 players got arrested for being involved in spot fixing.

Like most of the cricket game lovers my friend Amit Thapliyal also reacted and wrote this blog post asking a lot of questions from police and government missing the most important element involved that is the audience yes we the common peoples who are supporting in promotion of this gambling on the name of game.

We knows everything, even we spot everything sometimes in reality that is going against our emotions but we simply ignores being so emotional for our love, hobby or say the source of entertainment that is cricket this time.
If anyone asking a question about banning this business for the sake of saving the charm of real game then he/she should start from appealing the audience to leave abandoned the venue, the ground of such events.

And no doubt you could do it by blogging because it could help you in changing the world and that’s why I’m taking it serious if one of my friend is blogging about it.

If you have anything in your mind related to this recent news and you think it is affecting your emotions anyway then please discuss below in the comments.

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