Why I Can’t be Social Animal, Know 4 Benefits of Having an Unsocial Personality [UPDATED]

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Previously I had written this article entitled “Why I Can’t be Social Animal, Know 4 Benefits of Having an Anti-Social Personality” what was not right according to one of my best friend and cousin (who is unsocial like me) and hence she was aware of the better word and corrected this article by replacing the word ‘Anti-Social’ with ‘Unsocial’.  

So what is the difference between Anti-Social and Unsocial Personality type ?

  • Anti-Social Personality – A personality type that can cause damage or harm to society.
  • Unsocial Personality – Where a person don’t cares about getting company of others. 

Do you know why a lonely person can’t be social as much as you are, here in this story you will come to know that how I did a try to become social after coming here in New Delhi but suddenly my past best friend made me to think that “you can’t be social yaar“, wanna know how she did so ? then continue reading I am going to elaborate the same in this article below. 

Why I Can’t Be Social Animal ?

Because people around me or any lonely person will never ever give him/her even a single chance to come out and live like they should, to see how ? keep scanning the lines below.

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Actually it all starts within an institute from where I am pursuing my graduation in management and it was really surprising for me that I was able to make a friend circle, performing good in almost every subject, my parents feels that now I will be able to make my career as I want to make, and one other and most strange thing I saw in my own personality that I was mixing very fast with almost every faculty member who were facilitating me with my batch mates.
Question.- Any idea how it all happend ? specially in my case who never thought to talk a girl of his own age group, who never talked with any senior,teacher,faculty or even with my own parents by directly watching in their eyes due to several kinds of real or virtual fear.
Answer. – Because I was just acting to be a social animal but everyone knows that there is a deep valley in between the word actor and the real hero, and I was never a hero – so here in this try my acting got only 1/2 star rating out of 5.
Those 19 Days what Made me Again an Unsocial Person
From the day one of April 2012 me and one of my batch mate decided to prepare for next month university exams for what we were already informed by means of schedule that was already pasted on the students notice board and out respective examination centre was also somewhere in our memory.
When I was preparing for the Elements of Insurance in the mean time she was dealing with the Employee Relations & Marketing, side by side I was also looking at English and Prose but the Financial Accounting was creating a little mess for both or say for most of the student due to late start and irregular class with a faculty who was not elaborating the subject from the basics even after getting aware of the fact that me, my past best friend and also some other students were never ever touched this subject before.
Twist Comes Here
During these preparations we also bunked our college for around 1 week and when finally we all decided to join  the lectures again, things gone wrong but how – 
On second last day when we had to collect at the college, immediately we (other than my past best friend) took a decision to join the college on the same day to attend the lecture as well as to consult some problems (what came during our examination preparations) with the concerning faculties without informing my past best friend because we thought she will not come that day and also will convince us not to do so.  
And on the next day ….
My past best friend came and she started with various burning debate to the main topic where I “her best friend” not informed her about the previous day class and in the mean time during the debate I did another mistake and told her that it was planned by me and the batch mate with whom I was preparing for the upcoming exams. 
Means I poured the petrol over burning fire and that burned myself the most. 
Most Hurting Gossips for Me 
Now you know that I was not getting time to spend with others, the batch mates and specially with the past best friend and in response they started gossiping over me and my batch mate what was really a dangerous part for me but most dangerous for her because she might even face some misunderstanding in her own relationship with her partner.
And I can’t be a person responsible for ruining someone’s life just because of the gossips. 
What are Benefits if I’ll go Unsocial 
Being lonely might be stressful for you but I knows the same status can boost someone’s productivity in his/her professional and I’m a live example for you.
Benefits of being social :- 

  • I’ll be able to concentrate on my studies
  • I’ll be able to concentrate on my blogging business 
  • I’ll be able to avoid fights – with the peoples around me
  • I’ll not create misunderstanding between a couple  

Many more were there in mind but I thought it will hit your lonely mind and you will also like to share best of them in the comments below.
Final Words   
I don’t know what you might be thinking now but don’t think that I’m weak in managing relationships because I accept that I’m really very weak in that part of life and hence would never ever try again to go social so me and people around me will feel happy atleast during professional meetings with me.
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