Threatening Dengue is On Rise in Delhi

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Peoples who lives around me reporting they have dengue, 1-2 cases everyday and they are getting “hospitalized” what is that is my greatest fear.

I don’t know how it feels to be a Dengue victim but I don’t want to feel anything like being hospitalized.

According to TOI in an update published around 4:30 and now it is 5:05 that 39 new cases have been found in the city and that makes total of 835 victims what is really a big change from last year total of 641.  

Assuming Mosquito’s like Snakes

I know that every mosquito will not cause the Dengue but I can’t analyse that which mosquito bites me so whenever I see one it looks like snakes and I feels after it’s bite no one will come to know that I’m dead or alive here alone in this new place.

I’m cleaning my entire room all the time and not letting water to log anywhere near, also using the mosquito killing sprays and all but they are not in control and comes to bite me don’t know how.

And that’s the reason Dengue is threatening me again and again, daily.

7 Day’s More to Leave this Deadly City

No doubt I don’t want to stay here anymore but my classes are on (bad news) and my train reservation is shifted from 5th to 2nd (good news).

Till then I have to be safe and I’ll by following some simple rules to be protective from the mosquitoes like :-

  • Wearing full clothes
  • Avoid water logging  
  • Using mosquito repellent
  • Using mosquito killing sprays
And others as advised by my friends or the victims who have recovered.
An Advice for future Victims 
After a little bit consultation with a physician I came to know that he was willing to say that students who are getting their report of confirmation carrying dengue virus and living the city for their home town to be treated are doing mistake because small cities finds it hard to provide real time reporting of the patients condition and that also becomes a major reason when a Dengue patient dies so don’t go home, stay here and call someone from your family or friend to support you at the hospital – yes go and get hospitalized in hospitals like SIR Ganga Ram, Fortis, Max etc
Private hospitals will charge you more but you will not be in fear of losing hope in the absence of report and further operation, decisions as doctors takes it all serious. And at other places where you can get well without spending more than thrice of your monthly expenditure could be risky for your life. 
Anything YOU want to Add ?

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