Question – Answer Session with Himanshu Singhal of CNN – IBN

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Recently I got an opportunity to have a question answer session with one of the best sports section anchor Himanshu Singhal from the well established news channel CNN-IBN in language English.
He was invited at an institute CENTUMU (Making India Job-Ready) where I am also earning my degree to manage the business, Himanshu was there for answering student questions regarding academics, jobs and business and I was also there to ask the question related to his as well as my work industry the Media.
What was my question ?
As you know I belongs to Online Media or the Online Content Marketing Media and hence sure my question was related to the same and I thrown a question something like “ What’s your opinion on the future of Online Media ?” and yeah he took it seriously and made a 5 minute lecture on this question only.
What he said ?
According to Himanshu, In india we may not feel the online media and it’s working but in foreign countries they are leveraging the technology and saving the paper and other natural resources.
He also said that if someone thinks about making a content selling business online no doubt he/she will access the readers around the world and what is the best part of online business where there is nothing like limitations to build a business and find the customers.

If you will ask to me, I will go with the words of Himanshu and work for online business to access the market around the world. But please share in the comments below that what do you thinks about this emerging media ?

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