No Cell Phone : A Challenge for Me

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On the occasion of 12/12/12 I have decided that now and then I should set some challenge to make my life more stable when it comes to learning and creating an extraordinary image in between my friends, family and of course you.

So what is the challenge ?

In short and straight I don’t have to carry any cell phone with me for any use like calling, internet browsing, sms, whatsapp chat or else.

And for being honest with myself I have pulled off my both SIM cards out of my cell phone and also handed over to my uncle who was seeking a new Smartphone for getting stock market updates to track his investments.

Note* – So don’t think to talk to me via phone until my next blog update goes live regarding the completion of the challenge.

How to Contact me if there is an Emergency ?

No doubt I will not close all the doors that come to me and hence you can always send me a message via email at my personal Gmail email account that is robinsh123[at] – please replace [at] with @.

And you can also message me on my Facebook Account.

Possible Profit & Loss I may Face due to this Challenge

I don’t want to end this challenge with this post only but there would be a number of updates in the next 30 days because I might be full of ideas and thoughts to share via phone with someone and now that the medium is no more in my case so the only medium would be this blog you are reading currently.

Possible profits –

  • More frequent in blogging
  • More interactive on social networks 
  • Increase in networking to grow my blogging business
Possible losses –
  • Communication gap in between me and offline relatives 
  • It would be hard to locate me
  • Unknown of an emergency
There might be a lot of possible profits and losses in the list but I can’t say about more of them until experiencing personally so let me do so.
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The result of the challenge “No Cell Phone“.

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