My 164 Days Old BLOG Got It’s FIRST Advertiser

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Within the six month of launching my blog TheBizTimes today it is the day when I got an advertiser who paid me $25 for buying an advertisement over there.

So it’s a good news that my other blog is also started helping me to make money online and now for making that blog more powerful I’m hiring a news moderator who will update the business and technology news that is the main and front side section of the TheBizTimes.

Apply for JOB

You can also apply for that job from the digitalpoint forum thread :-

Yes it Took 164 Days

Like I have always said that making money takes hard work and patience especially when you decides not to cheat anyone either online or offline.

Recently when I announced that “How I Made Rs.10,787.25 in Less than 18 Hours” people started commenting that it’s a scam, mission impossible even though I posted the money transfer statement from the trusted source PayPal.

I don’t care you believes or not that making money online is possible or not but there are some readers who knows that what is the truth and for them I’m writing this article that it takes a lot of hard work of months without any earning and until then you have to invest from your savings to boost your business idea believing that one day it will be successful.

What it Takes to Attract Advertisers

Specially in online publishing media you have to get some position as defined by the Google, Alexa and analytics verified visitors stats.

Google’s Page Rank

Google have a ranking system to position your website in the entire and the biggest search network provided by the Google itself and that is the Page Rank.

Click Here to read more about the Page Rank and my various blog’s position according to same.

Alexa Rank is the web information company which ranks the websites and blogs out of the total blogs and their readers using Alexa Toolbar. According to Alexa my main blog ranks in top 90,000 websites of all sites around the world – a pretty big achievement isn’t it ?

Just visit the site and enter your web URL to check your rank globally as well as locally.

Visitor Stats

You should always be aware about the visitors of your blog because it is the biggest reason any advertiser looks for business with your site.

Google Analytics is the best and widely used free tool, so have a look there and follow their easy setup steps to get your website stats on the daily basis that updates in the mid of night.

These tools make you aware about web positions that helps in setting prices and pitching advertisers to do business with you.

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