Last 24 Hours were MIX situation of Pain & Gain of Rs.10,787.25

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Last 24 hours were mix situation of pain and gain for me because I was suffering from a great stomach pain and in the mean time I was also in a very positive conversation with the 2 different advertisers who helped me to raise Rs.10,787.25 in a single day due to the design and quality content of my main and the first blog

Starting from the Pain

As usual my stomach is not showing any sign what a doctor can understand and hence that’s the reason even after trying nani & dadi ke nuskhe, Allopathy as well as Ayurvedic medicines as prescribed by my family doctor.

It’s about to complete 24 hours of my working and stomach pain but I’m not giving up and making my advertisers to the feel happiness of buying the advertisement space even in low budget.

Now it’s all about the Gain of Rs.10,787.25 in a Single Day

It is the first time when I got paid in British Pound 🙂

1. GBP 50 after conversion in USD and then INR

Click on Image to Enlarge

2. USD 128 after conversion in INR

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It was more than 00.10 AM and I was checking the official mail account of Digmlm and found that there was a new advertiser asking for paid article at my blog under technology and internet category and he was also asking for my prices for what I replied straight forward that I use to charge $50 for a sponsored article so he felt good and in profit due to design, content, alexa rank and google page rank of my blog what is really worth of charging $100 per paid post but I wanna being loyal with advertisers I’m not hiding the fact that my blog was penalized from the Google’s penguin and panda update recently and I lost around 75% regular traffic of my blog.

Anyways he found it profitable for his client and hence he immediately asked me to publish a piece for sending immediate payment via PayPal account.

So I approved :-

  • 2 sponsored article for $50 each
  • 1 paid post for 50 British Pound
  • 1 linkback in an old and famous article for $25
When you will combine and convert it all in USD then the total will cross $202 as per today’s exchange rate.

Interested in Deep information reveling how I did it ?

For your kind information I would like to say, yes clearly say that making money either online or offline was never ever easy and there is nothing like secret to help you earn even a single penny.

So what is the deal ?

Actually it takes a lot of research and dedication towards helping your customers and your customers might be those students who are taking a look at your blog posts for creating their college projects, they might be the people who are using your information – product or services to make their life more easier than before and hence you should care about them and they will unintentionally care for your future by responding to the advertisements or final sells you are dealing in. Leaving you collecting your paychecks.

How I did it ?

Lets go back in 2007 when I was in my high school and lacking the computer system, that was the time when I was even not aware about the businesses online but now I have my personal experiences and that all learned by my own and by performing the tests over the guides written by other experts who were famous even before my entrance in online world.

After using my cell phone, computer system for countless number of online gaming I thought about online businesses and making money online what was really a dumbest thought of that time because peoples around me were thinking that I’m going mad due to getting some spam articles who are there to cheat the readers for raising money to buy their dreams.

But due to lack of money I never invested in any of my research except the blogging what was a legit attempt and now due to my blog base I’m earning more than a general engineer or doctor here in India and hope next 5 year will help me to become more famous and rich.

Exactly what I did to make money online :-

  1. Started a blog 
  2. Wrote some articles 
  3. Started building link for my blog
  4. Got google page rank 
  5. Got to know about the advertisers and
  6. Started attracting them who helped me to make money online
This all looks too simple here when you are reading in text format but when you will come out to experience these all in reality you will feel sucked like me, I would like to say one thing to let your imagine than I got my first advertiser after 8 months of regular blogging and promoting the same.
I’m using a little bit of straight forward words and you might be thinking that I’m rude or trying to show that making money online is very tough and only few peoples can do it. But I’m not doing anything like that and trying to help you know the reality and also wanna warn you to be aware of the experts who are saying that you should join their program and make money online over night.
This article would not be the complete guide and hence would like to say that you should subscribe this blog because In the coming articles I will share my complete story like A to Z and beyond the better introduction you will come to know what I learned and how you can use those information to help yourself to make money online even when it takes time.
Just believe on me and yourself to see what happens after 6 month of starting your blog.
Why sharing this News with YOU ?

Generally I don’t likes to share my earning report with my friends because they don’t believes on my working what is worship for me and I feels bad when someone takes it lightly.
But on the request of some of my online friends I though about those who loves to hear about those experiences what can change their life and they can also make a living online in near future and create a better environment by being a happy man or women and paying the taxes as described by the country government.
Anything you want to say ? 
Please use the comment box as added below this article.
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