I was Disconnected from Myself

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Hi friends, first of all please accept my late wish for Happy Dussehara, Dhanteras, Diwali and Children’s day.

I was feeling disconnected even when I was updating my facebook more frequently now a days and spending more time for getting more powerful networking with the existing friends and also with the new ones and they were also responding well.

So what were the reasons behind the feeling like this ?

I think inner illness was giving me such type of feeling and I was like disconnected from you, from my personal blog even when I was overwhelm with the news and ideas to share with you all on the daily basis or I can say that I was able to update this blog twice in a day to let you read more than your expectation and think about me and my activities for completing the communication by commenting.

Yes I was ill for a whole week, I think that event came just after I wrote the previous article you might have missed that was entitled “Threatening Dengue is On Rise in Delhi“.

Even after around a month I’m not feeling good as a normal Robinsh feels and works for his online ventures anyways now again I’hv to visit New Delhi because my college is about to open again after a week long holiday on behalf of Diwali the festival of light.

What is that is I have to do to become active again ?

I’m already on a good diet because currently I don’t have to think about the great home made food made by my mother and also other un-productive works like cleaning my room, washing the clothes etc

Other works to do :-

  • Visiting my friends
  • Sort of fun and entertainment 
  • Meeting new friends who were connected on FB
  • Interviewing a college dean for my next project
  • Bla bla bla
Hope these activities will help me to become fresh and productive again and I’ll start enjoying my lonely stay in the capital city of India where I do live for my studies.
Anything in your mind ?
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