How You & Your Blog Can Change the World ?

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How a blogger can do initiate in social changes from his/her own blog neither from social presence over the famous social networking sites ?

I was asking the same question till now but after getting a lot of resources where the peoples behind a number of legit projects is doing well or say more than the imaginations of a common man for example pickup the famous name Aamir Khan from Satyamev Jayate and Pace Smith from Connection-Revolution.

[VIDEO] Pace Smith on How to change the world with Blog ?

Is it really mean to Blog for changing the world ?
Like me you will also be wondering about why do blogging if social networking sites like facebook is on boom and most of the peoples are already over their and you have to do only a single task is that attracting their attention towards the page you have created for a cause.
So why do blogging ?
Peoples do blogging for various reasons like promoting their business, being in contact with friends and family, educating others and making money.
And here you have to do blogging for helping your society but before you will take out any serious step at your blog do check the following points to become notable.     
1. Build Relationship with Your Blog Readers
Become an active blogger not in composing blog posts but also in replying when someone leaves any comment at your blog posts. If anyone asking for your help in the same field of your expertise and you love to write about then don’t miss that opportunity in building a better relationship and converting that general blog reader in your loyal client.
2. Be in Regular Touch – Send Newsletter

Offer your articles via feedburner and email, when you will offer your articles directly in your blog readers email inbox they would likely to come back at your blog and do conversation with you. Take advantage of your blog readers email address and do regular personal conversation with them other than your blog and let them know something new and beneficial that the reader likes to read about.
3. Ask for Co-ordination 

Now you know that your blog reader knows you very well and can support you on any legit project then simply ask them to do something for society – project might be educating peoples about anything going wrong outside. 

Never do ask for anything to do to your readers you don’t practice personally because they would like to do only the same activity you do means peoples loves to follow someone who shows ability to lead towards the right direction and hence start from your own-self from your own home and then show the same to your blog readers they will definitely follow your words and you will become a leader responsible for social welfare in masses.
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