How the Office 365 is Going to Support My Dream Business

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I have several web based businesses but only the digmlm and thebiztimes requires the team contributions and I know how I deal with the day to day mess like;

  • Approving the best posts to go live
  • Notifying the webhost regards down times
  • Approving the reader’s comments
  • Blocking the spamming
  • Approving payments
  • Deal with the advertisers
  • Receiving payments
And many other activities like these by checking email all the time and by visiting the site’s dashboard many times per hour.

You would ask that why I goes to check the email so often ?

And I would answer that currently my email is the only best way to be in contact with my staff and that’s the reason I have to see the new mails again and again, sometimes I lose the important messages because of the spam and promotional mails that comes in bulks.

Lets see the bigger picture –

Now assume that I have 50 staff and working on various projects at a time and reporting me about each and every change so what would be my life ?

Yes you are right, my life would be only in my email Inbox.

But I’m lucky enough and found a great tool created by the Microsoft guys and for them the word “Thanks” would be really a big insult (do you think you have a word I should use then please let me know that by commenting below and I’ll update with the best one).

Here the Office 365 Comes in Action !

So what is the Office 365 ?

Office 365 is providing virtual access to the familiar office tools almost anywhere at multiple platforms and yeah it’s all in the cloud so I don’t have to rely on a single gadget because almost any device can become my office, instantly.

Some important Features of Office 365

#1. Multiple Device Access

I can operate familiar office tools almost at all the devices like PC, Mac or Smart Phones because of its friendly userface and instant access via the cloud, just have to keep username and password safe with me.

#2. Email & Calender on the Go

Now I can keep everyone synchronized with the office-grade email and calender what is that is easily accessible to everyone at their screen on the go.

#3. Create a Website

I am a webmaster of many web pages but not aware of the programming languages that keeps them up and functioning so I always have to be in contact with the web developers what is another part of my business life but now when the Office 365 is allowing me to create web pages graphically then no need to worry about their management too.

Important* – There is no hosting fee involved so I can save some bucks each and every month that can be used in advertising on that web page.

#4. Office Web Apps

Seems apps are going to be our best buddies in the near future and for many they are already so here the Office 365 is also introducing them to make my life easier on the go that can be accessed even from the browsers, it’s really an amazing move and no doubt going to save a lot of my time.

They are going to make me eligible to work just from the browser installed almost inside any device and that’s really a great feature allowing me to be connected with my office from anywhere in no time.

Yes it will save the download and installation time.

#5. File Sharing

No need to wait to see the finished documents because it is allowing me to collaborate with my teammates to see and help them to create a better one in real time.

#6. Conferencing is Easy Here

I use conferencing with a web based platform that charges $19.47 per month and I hardly use them because they sucks and make it difficult operation but here it is going to be free with the minimal fee of the Office 365 and no doubt I can go live with my team mates in no time working on the projects in real time.

It’s really going to be fun at work.

#7. Security is at its High

Microsoft promises to make my data private according to my settings and the company itself not going to scan any information for advertising purposes.

They are also the technology leader so no doubt my data can’t be hacked like its general with other services.

Now you have a better idea that how my life is going to change after switching over the office 365 for my dream business of having at least 50 staff in less than a year to grow at lightening fast speed.

Quick Summary

  • Easy to setup and use
  • Work from anywhere
  • Worry free IT


You might be thinking that this is going to be costly enough and out of my reach because they are offering such a high quality service for managing entire office on the go but let me tell you one thing that you are thinking exactly opposite.

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Image Source – Microsoft Office 365

Don’t you think that it is something you should also try for your business then why don’t you have a look at Office 365 for more information, price comparison for mid size businesses and enterprise, everything in Hindi language and more to conduct your research before placing your order.

Final Words

If you have anything to say about my dream business or the tools I’m planning to use then please comment below and I would reply in no time, also don’t forget to share this article among your friends and family because for getting success in business specially in online business I need your support and why don’t you do that from today only.

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