How Nirmal Baba Make Fools ?

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After my last article “matter of Nirmal Baba” gone online till the time I was not fully satisfied by my friend’s confusing comments and hence did a blog post asking the question and after some I got a lot of dicussion invitation over their at my facebook account and now in response I am eligible to do some more article including the details to help you all in understanding the total funda that is created by an interview with Nirmal Baba and the same was organized by Aajtak the news channel.   
I searched a lot but the original interview conducted by Aajtak was not available over internet and hence publishing  a similar one to help you understand the entire situation created by Nirmal Baba.

See the above video and you will come to know that how Nirmal Baba making fool of their fans to make Rs.238 Crore what he says a “turnover :)”.
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