How I’m Saving more Time to Concentrate on Blogging

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Now I have more time to write killer blog article (s), interact with the advertisers, write ebooks, preparing for launching a course for my blog readers and etc

But how ?

1). By leaving my previous room and disturbing roommate
Yes now I live alone in a one room set in Munirka, New Delhi. 
No now this time I’m not preparing my own food and subscribed to a food delivery service but only bad and biggest challenge here is I don’t have a wired broadband internet connection and using Reliance 3G dongle to be connected with my entire activity online – to get the situation in detail you can read this article

2). By Un-Subscribing from Email Updates

Actually since last 2-3 years after I came to know that Blogging is the Best way to make Money Online I subscribed a 100s of blogs who were doing well and making a living online to learn from their experiences and today I found that even after learning a lot I’m loosing a lot of precious time reading their blog post updates what always comes in my personal email account and someday that crosses even 100 in numbers.

So I decided to remove them and concentrate on my own projects.

And now I unsubscribed from the updates of Copyblogger, Steve Pavlina and even almost all of that list of 23 sites I was reading regularly.

Even now I’m getting 20 to 50 email alerts daily from the bloggers and have to deal with them in this week to not loose the import emails of the advertisers or my clients who helps me to grow online.

I’m feeling very sorry after un-subscribing those great bloggers but it is the time to move ahead and start writing and learning from own experiences or the entire life will pass on being a learner while I have also to become like them and that will only come to reality when I would take my steps out and announce to be a guru of any particular topic I’m good at and helping the students to learn from me and make their life more successful.

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