Started Working as a Financial Consultant at HDFC Life

Today, 1st July 2017
Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

robinsh as a financial consultant

I started working as a Financial Consultant at HDFC Life which is the second largest Life Insurance company of India.

Last month was quite busy for me because I was having my last semester examinations for the MBA and side by side I have to be at the training sessions conducted at HDFC Life Civil Lines, Allahabad branch.

Today I shared this news with my Facebook friends and thought to have a complete story at the blog too and that’s why you are reading this article.

Financial Consultant in Allahabad

I was already giving free advises to my friends and family to plan their financial life in a better way and now when I’m a certified financial consultant I would contribute my best and try to help everyone who is in need and comes under my knowledge by any means or referral.

hdfc life training sessionAt training Session

hdfc life trainerOur trainer sir

It was a small group of students, lawyers, doctor and self employed people.

After training I gave an examination conducted by IRDA and got my results instantly, yes it was an instant result basis examination what I liked a lot.

You can say faisla on the spot.

I got 56% and passed the examination and within a week I got my licence promoting myself as a financial consultant/financial adviser/financial expert/agent or say whatever that you can understand.

After reading this life event of mine, if you need to know anything about insurance, mutual funds, share market, real estate or cryptocurrency investments then you can contact me.

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