How to Create a Free Blog on Blogger

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Are you thinking about writing your thoughts, experiences on regular basis? Then you would get suggestions like write a diary or write a book but I would suggest you to create a blog.

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When you would think about my suggestion of blogging, second thoughts would be alike blogging would be costly to maintain or it would require technical knowledge but let me tell you one thing that Google have a solution for you.

Yes Google have a free tool named Blogger, it is a platform to help you start blogging within next 10 minutes.

How to Create a Free Blog at Blogger?


visit is powered by Google so you need not to create a separate account to create your blog. Just use your Google account login details and click on Create Your Blog option.

You will see this page: –

At this page you have to complete three simple task in order to proceed.

  1. Title: – Choose the Title of Your blog
  2. Address: – Choose the available Address for your blog. Like:
  3. Select the Theme that You Like

And click on Create Blog to complete the process of creating your first free blog using

Congratulations! now you have a blog address ready to share with your friends.

But before sharing your blog address you must decorate it, and you can start with adding some important elements like blog title, description, privacy, extra author (if any) and type of readers.

Let’s start from blogger basic settings.

As shown in image above, you have to enter blog title, blog description, privacy should be visible to search engines if you want everyone to read your blog. At the last section of this page you can assign extra author and blog readers should be public.

Now you should click on Pages and add some important pages like About, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions, and Contact Page.

After all these basic setup you can write your first post, if confused about the topic of your first blog post then you can start with an announcement about the reason behind creating your blog and how that blog could help the readers.

Best of luck, happy blogging!

P.S. Once you write your first blog post, please share with me by submitting a comment below this post.

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