Satyamev Jayate – Aamir Khan against Societal Abuses

Last Sunday on 06/05/2012 I was waiting for the reality Tv show what was produced, hosted and promoted by the iconic actor of Bollywood “Aamir Khan” and according to my guesses that was based upon a social cause or you can say a show to fight against the societal abuses.

And when the show Satyamev Jayate gone live on air I was hooked with my Tv and in the mean time was busy in conversation with my twitter followers who were tweeting using the hash tag #satyamevjayate over the social media giant twitter.
Someone was making fun of Aamir’s hight and fitting him into the idiot box while most of the peoples were appraising his efforts including me and after watching the show I also sent a tweet to Aamir appreciating his contribution towards the society – who didn’t replied yet and I’m also not waiting for his response because I know his twitter account might be bombarded with the notifications of mention and direct messages.
Satyamev Jayate Got more Viewers than IPL 5
Yes it’s true according to the film community Naachgaana, the Satyamev Jayate got more viewers than the IPL 5 what means that people still know that Mr.Aamir Khan is the perfectionist and if he will choose to move towards small screen there might be surely something worth watching instead of entertaining and bloody matches between the state teams into the IPL 5.
It is reported that Satyamev Jayate got 3.8 TVR (television rating) what is higher than the 3.65 TVR of the first 16 matches played under IPL 5.  
Day before 2nd Episode of Satyamev Jayate
Today in the morning when I moved to the news channels they were discussing about the Nirmal Baba Scam case as well as the about the most trending topic that is “Effect of Satyamev Jayate”.
And I know that it’s effective because my roomie and his friends also didn’t changed that news channel reporting the same, usually they switch to movie or sports section.
Now I’m waiting for the second episode of the Satyamev Jayate what is going to be on air tomorrow on 11 Am sharp so be ready and sleep soon in the night today to catch him on time.
If anyone knows what is the Topic of 2nd Episode, please let us know and comment below.
UPDATED – So it was all about “Child Sexual Abuse”.

Important WebLinks of Satyamev Jayate

No doubt it needs to be spread by me and you, it would be really helpful if you will write a blog post about this movement started by the Aamir Khan to change the peoples thinking and fight with the societal abuses what makes us think but never ever thinks to act upon them to remove them from our society.
Note these links and keep getting updates :-
Official website –
Twitter accout – @smjindia   
Facebook account – Satyamev Jayate
Youtube channel – smjindia
Hope you will contribute in creating a different and better society.

School Education In India

I always asked why we do schooling ?
And some strange answers came out from my teachers like:-
1). Because your friend goes too
2). Because you can’t be at home disturbing everybody  
3). Because you have to become doctor,engineer or anything else you want
4). So you will be able to have a good life partner and also will get a lot of dowry and etc
Very few one said that because you have to be educated so you will become an intelligent animal and that’s the reason after my +2 I was totally confused about choosing the right course for higher studies and took what my parents offered me and that was B.Tech in IT but very soon I left and took what was my desired  subject and now I’m very much sure that will do good at the academics side as well as at the business site.

If you will ask for my advice to select better school education no doubt I will say to choose only that course what meets your or your ward’s dreams even by 5% because then only the student will be able to maintain good grades what will give good feelings to student and the family.
In the developing countries like India basic school education goes wrong due to disturbed education system or you can say it is only a business model to get most of the money from society because no one thinks to care about the results but only about the school status and higher fees means the fools thinks that good education can be purchased by paying good payment to the tutor or school.
Even the big players in basic school education system of India proudly cheating the peoples on the name of education and that’s why more students are not getting a good basic education and the same leads to not getting desired job and also not the idea to develop any business after all their parents already lost their financial backup on the name of bloody school education.
Solution against School Education ?     
Do not go for getting education in big players of the market of school education but get your ward admitted in some decent school nearby and educate them at home as much as you can do on your own or by contacting a home tutor because basic education till +2 doesn’t matter either your child belong to a well known school or locally known school and let them know what is their dream and interest to choose for their profession and matching the same line of interest let them follow the course where they will find them happy during opening their course books, notes etc and no doubt the results will be as desired.
Any suggestion on Indian Education system ?   
It is all about a system where change will not occur at once and before working towards the same I would like to collect the list of necessary points so we will be able to work upon and hope will improve the basic school education level of Asian countries where most of the world population belongs but not getting even basic education as they should get, please don’t ignore this section and share atleast one idea in the comments below that can change the way schooling goes in practice in your country.

Melinda Gates On Birth Control [VIDEO]

Today when I got some video recommendations from my Youtube subscriptions via email I moved to Youtube itself and luckily found an interesting video from the TED Talks.

Melinda Gates On Birth Control

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who also did a report some time ago for helping us understanding the students behaviour like why they dropout from their college.
And in this video Melinda was talking about birth control options and how the global women reacts with them even being in reach of them and being powerful to take the same, she also spoke well about how some countries do face the situation when they still don’t have access to be protective and have some plan for their family.
See this highly motivational as well as information video to know how you can change your society using birth control options available to you – yeah it’s good figures according to me that Indian women have access to 29% of overall birth control options.

Let me know in the comments below that what strikes you most in her talk ?

How Nirmal Baba Make Fools ?

After my last article “matter of Nirmal Baba” gone online till the time I was not fully satisfied by my friend’s confusing comments and hence did a blog post asking the question and after some I got a lot of dicussion invitation over their at my facebook account and now in response I am eligible to do some more article including the details to help you all in understanding the total funda that is created by an interview with Nirmal Baba and the same was organized by Aajtak the news channel.   
I searched a lot but the original interview conducted by Aajtak was not available over internet and hence publishing  a similar one to help you understand the entire situation created by Nirmal Baba.

See the above video and you will come to know that how Nirmal Baba making fool of their fans to make Rs.238 Crore what he says a “turnover :)”.
If you have any question or feedback please go to the comment section below !!  

What is the Matter of Nirmal Baba ?

Last 2 days and I got a lot of positive as well as negative comments over the interview broadcast from the news channel Aaj Tak from the peoples around me.

People who follows Nirmal Baba says that he can’t be a cheater and people who don’t follows just imaging and discussing that what a flourishing business opportunity is this – being a baba and making fool of non-educated, a little educated as well as highly educated public.

I neither follow the Nirmal Baba neither opposed him anytime because I was totally confused due to his non-logical words and then also a huge following even some of my friends use to take his name again and again.

Help me out and ….

Say What do You think ?