A Chance to Pakistan, Again !

After the Prime Minister’s meet of both the countries it is decided that Pakistan Government got a chance again where they have to control the terrorist activities on Indian states that we all have noted in the last 9 months of the year 2013.

But I agree with the quotations ‘we should not expect too much from this meet’ of “The Dawn” one of the oldest newspaper of Pakistan.

Don’t you think ?

Like I do that Pakistan don’t have any control over terrorist group, in addition their government activities and officers support help terrorists to live and grow in their country to poke the world time to time and taking the lives of the innocent population.

If you also have some same thinking please come into the comments below and let’s have some fair discussion about this mega problem of not only India but an entire world of this earth.

In addition I would like to say that Indian Government also don’t have any other option to choose because they know very well that they can erase the Pakistan from the world map within 36 hours with the help of advanced weapons and technology with the trained forces, but it would not be a good move because only a few people or say a group of people are bothering us and that’s why we should not punish all the innocent civilians of Pakistan.

Now what do you think about the above paragraph please say in the comments below. Also mention if you have some special thinking about the Indian Government and their decision when it comes to treating Pakistan as they are treating India.

I Have Decided to Become a Social Worker

May not be found in field all the time but here at Robinsh.Me I would like to become a social worker discussing about the society, noble causes and providing support to them by connecting you with all the latest  crisis, news and need for the society.

I would cover my local areas like some 100 kilometers to help the voice heard of the victims who really need your attention and so that you could help and share their need for collecting the fund (not necessarily) because basic needs are food, shelter and clothes.

Being a treasurer of Late Deo Saran Ram Charitable Trust I was not active but now when I know that what is the use of my personal blog then I would promote the causes for that trust mostly but that not means I would not connect with other societies and and that’s the reason I have decided to show the advertisements only from NGOs that would not pay anything for me bills.

A Complete Non-profit Category

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I might have wondering that their might be some catch from where I will generate income for my bank accounts because basically I’m a business minded but I already have a lot of money making projects are running out there in the Internet marketplace and soon I would announce some real businesses, some with proprietary and some with partners.

So what is the need of this category ?

Actually I really want to become a social worker and that might be case I have had added Society in my blog category in the very beginning of creating this up and running for all.

No doubt I should have chosen to Blogging, or Money Making Online as the main category of this blog because I have some good experience and I could help you in building money making blogs but then I saw that there are thousands of bloggers out there doing this for you for free and then I waited till the idea of being social came in my mind.

Actually his category would give me more than money and that is non other than the peoples attention who need food to eat, who need clothes to cover their body and shelter to live but currently the challenge is they don’t have access to Internet so they can reach me and that’s why I need your help.

How You could Help the Society ?

I’m providing my contact details and using that you could reach me to get help for the peoples who are victim of hunger, clothlessness and no place to live.

My email – robinsh123[at]gmail[dot]com
My Skype Id – robinsh123
My Cell phone – +91 8010025074

How I would Help them ?

The fact is that after writing this post I’m heading to contact all the NGOs working in India and their I would request to become their member to provide the information of the needy people around them so they could help them as early as possible. This way I would try my best to become the mediator for the people who need the help and organisations who could provide the need for saving the society.

On the personal level I would like to collect the causes and share them here under the NGO where I’m a treasurer and most probably ask for the donation, don’t worry that would not be specified in numbers means you could donate on your own faith and ability to support the specific cause I would present in front of you time to time.

If you have are an NGO please contact to add me inside your team, if you are a common man like me please subscribe the newsletter because that would be the best communication channel I would prefer to use frequently.

Also don’t forget to share your thoughts about this category for my personal blog and invite your friends who can add value to this noble start of mine.

I was Disconnected from Myself

Hi friends, first of all please accept my late wish for Happy Dussehara, Dhanteras, Diwali and Children’s day.

I was feeling disconnected even when I was updating my facebook more frequently now a days and spending more time for getting more powerful networking with the existing friends and also with the new ones and they were also responding well.

So what were the reasons behind the feeling like this ?

I think inner illness was giving me such type of feeling and I was like disconnected from you, from my personal blog even when I was overwhelm with the news and ideas to share with you all on the daily basis or I can say that I was able to update this blog twice in a day to let you read more than your expectation and think about me and my activities for completing the communication by commenting.

Yes I was ill for a whole week, I think that event came just after I wrote the previous article you might have missed that was entitled “Threatening Dengue is On Rise in Delhi“.

Even after around a month I’m not feeling good as a normal Robinsh feels and works for his online ventures anyways now again I’hv to visit New Delhi because my college is about to open again after a week long holiday on behalf of Diwali the festival of light.

What is that is I have to do to become active again ?

I’m already on a good diet because currently I don’t have to think about the great home made food made by my mother and also other un-productive works like cleaning my room, washing the clothes etc

Other works to do :-

  • Visiting my friends
  • Sort of fun and entertainment 
  • Meeting new friends who were connected on FB
  • Interviewing a college dean for my next project
  • Bla bla bla
Hope these activities will help me to become fresh and productive again and I’ll start enjoying my lonely stay in the capital city of India where I do live for my studies.
Anything in your mind ?
I know after reading this casual article you might have some words to pitch and hence inviting you to use the comment box just below this post what can be accessed easily if you are logged in your gmail email account.
Please don’t forget to share this article among the common friends who might be looking for some updates from me while I’m missing their contact way to invite them at this page.

Yes YOU Can Make Money While Using this New Social Networking Site ZURKER

We are living in the golden era of social networking sites like facebook and their addiction in the users to be connected with the friends and family around the world for free. In the mean time what would be your greatest reaction for a social network named ZURKER what is promising to make you a co-owner just for helping the company in building a user base by referring it to your contacts using a specific referral code or simply by buying the shares ?
You would hardly believe that “having 10 stakes in Zurker will send you a recurring income of Rs.50,000 per quarter when company will issue the business results”, this income level is calculated by the company itself and it would be a real data whenever the company will touch turnover of $100 million.
Lets do a little calculation :-
10 Stakes = Rs.50,000 Quarterly
100 Stakes = Rs.5,00,000 Quarterly
500 Stakes = Rs.25,00,000 Quarterly
Important* – Zurker is totally free to join, even you don’t have to Buy shares to become company co-owner or investor.
When I heard for the first time about this new social networking site Zurker my jaw dropped and yeah it was totally unbelievable but after giving a quick search in Google I found that one of my blogging guru John Chow was also promoting the same.
I did joined the network and gone through the pages to attain as much as possible data in my knowledge to create a Zurker Wiki on my network of blogs to inform the readers who likes to know about anything that can be profitable in nature.
So interested to own a Social Network ? 
You need an invitation to join zurker because it is still in beta version (generally known as testing phase). Please note that wherever I will give my invitation link to help anyone to join zurker that will lead to increase in a vShare (virtual share) at my zurker account. 
Still interested to read more about Zurker ?
Instead of wasting your time I directly came to the point in the above paragraphs and left you there to decide what to do next – join or not to join. And after the invitation link I would like to write more because it seems you are interested in reading more about this brand new social networking site like it’s history, present and future.
What is Zurker ?

Zurker is a third generational social networking site developed in the public interest to make every user the company owner from the day he/she joins. No doubt a social networking site will help you being social in this fast moving life but in the mean time you will own profit in company profit and hence it is the company of the coming decade and beyond. 

Who is behind Zurker ?

Zurker is the pure idea of a serial entrepreneur Nick Oba who was behind the famous Real Estate listing site Ah Yer, Qirina a keyword research tool, Qondio a social networking site for entrepreneurs and Fortitude a magazine owned by writers.  

In which countries Zurker is active ?
Officially the Zurker is active only in the 7 countries as listed below :-
  1. India – 297,785
  2. United States – 39,567
  3. United Kingdom – 11,893
  4. Europe – 14,639
  5. Canada – 4,352
  6. Australia – 3,400
  7. Philippines – 4,358
  8. New Zealand – 832
  9. Worldwide – 24,204
Infront of the countries you can find the number of users currently active and growing at the lighting fast speed so don’t wait and grab your stake as soon as possible.
How Shares are going to be managed virtually ?
Online at your Zurker dashboard a system named vShare would manage those shares you will earn by referring the site to others or simply buying the shares in cash.
Every single vShare would be equal to ownership of 1/1,000,000 because only 1,000,000 are allocated to distribute in users to make them owner and after that company will restructure the company and all the vShare earned would become real share.
What is the future of Zurker ?
If you will relate it with the current market leader it’s nowhere because it’s just popped up and that is already running since last few successful years, since when no one was thinking about social networking sites but now everyone is serious about using these amazingly powerful services and that’s the reason Pinterest became fastest growing site on the planet, Instagram gone purchased in $1 billion etc.
It is assumed that until the 1,000,000 stakes would be distributed to the owners it’s valuable will touch the level of $5+ million and soon within next 5 years it would touch the level of $100 million and every user who will have his/her 500 shares safe will earn Rs.1 crore per annum.
No doubt most of the millionaires are going to be from the country India only as you can see the above section where I mentioned that in which countries Zurker is active and how many users are already joined before you.
So don’t wait and loose, just join using my Invitation as pasted below.

>> Invitation to Join Zurker <<

Any question or feedback ?
If you have gone through the entire article with full of concentration then it’s necessary to come up with any question or feedback to discuss with me so don’t wait anymore and write below in the comments and I’ll get back to you within next 12 hours.

How You & Your Blog Can Change the World ?

How a blogger can do initiate in social changes from his/her own blog neither from social presence over the famous social networking sites ?

I was asking the same question till now but after getting a lot of resources where the peoples behind a number of legit projects is doing well or say more than the imaginations of a common man for example pickup the famous name Aamir Khan from Satyamev Jayate and Pace Smith from Connection-Revolution.

[VIDEO] Pace Smith on How to change the world with Blog ?

Is it really mean to Blog for changing the world ?
Like me you will also be wondering about why do blogging if social networking sites like facebook is on boom and most of the peoples are already over their and you have to do only a single task is that attracting their attention towards the page you have created for a cause.
So why do blogging ?
Peoples do blogging for various reasons like promoting their business, being in contact with friends and family, educating others and making money.
And here you have to do blogging for helping your society but before you will take out any serious step at your blog do check the following points to become notable.     
1. Build Relationship with Your Blog Readers
Become an active blogger not in composing blog posts but also in replying when someone leaves any comment at your blog posts. If anyone asking for your help in the same field of your expertise and you love to write about then don’t miss that opportunity in building a better relationship and converting that general blog reader in your loyal client.
2. Be in Regular Touch – Send Newsletter

Offer your articles via feedburner and email, when you will offer your articles directly in your blog readers email inbox they would likely to come back at your blog and do conversation with you. Take advantage of your blog readers email address and do regular personal conversation with them other than your blog and let them know something new and beneficial that the reader likes to read about.
3. Ask for Co-ordination 

Now you know that your blog reader knows you very well and can support you on any legit project then simply ask them to do something for society – project might be educating peoples about anything going wrong outside. 

Never do ask for anything to do to your readers you don’t practice personally because they would like to do only the same activity you do means peoples loves to follow someone who shows ability to lead towards the right direction and hence start from your own-self from your own home and then show the same to your blog readers they will definitely follow your words and you will become a leader responsible for social welfare in masses.