Happy Holi – 2012 [PICS]

First of all I would like to wish you all a very Happy Holi, either you are my friend, online friend, friend of friend, general reader of any of my blog, following me as a fan, as a business partner or advertiser.

Here are some pics, I took from my Mobile Phone 🙂
Let me know your comments below.

#1. Only few photos of mine because I was the only photographer there in between a lot of colors, and wetness.

#2. Best of my friends with whom I was trying to play Holi.

You can see more photos I took during Holi at my Facebook Account.
If you also have some collection collected during this colourful festival then please share the link in comments  below.

No Traffic Next Day – Diwali 2011

Today I was out for some shopping for kitchen but amazed to see scenes like Red Alert here at the roads of Allahabad City so what it means when you get’s tired to take rest for two three days after celebrating festival like Diwali and Holi.
About the image As I have written there were no peoples on the road so I was forced to say HELLO only these highly visible guys in between the bike way.  
Yeah it affects every business to the Indian economy where many business owner finds themselves to close their shop doors because market is close doesn’t matter customer is roaming around. 
I never like anything where your business suffers, please say in the comments below what do you think about all these happenings and also about my silly thoughts.