One Reason I’m Not Earning Rs.1,00,000 a Month

I’m not lazy, I am not illiterate or anything that could be striking your mind immediately after reading the title of this blog post even I am aware about the fact that I am the man with 100 good things to show off but here I am talking about the communication skill.

Yes I am not good in communication or I could have crossed the level of Rs.1,00,000 a month even working from home in my online businesses.

Let’s Dive Deep with Communication Skills

I’m trying to say that If I could have a better communication skill then I could have a bigger network and better work opportunities, I could have present in every business workshop or seminar that could help me to grow my business over night.

So what is the problem ?

Actually since the beginning I’m not a jolly type of person and that’s why I am loosing a big business in online marketplace where you have a very big market but also the providers are from all over the globe and keep it noted that only those are the winner again and again who knows that how to communicate with the interested client.

Due to communication gap I got some negative reviews and since then I never sold any of the service package that I’m offering from my blogs and that is really a big loss in overall turnover.

How I’ll Improve ?

No doubt I have to improve my communication skills in order to earn the desired income for better living in future when I’ll be buried under some new responsibilities because that keeps adding one after another specially in the cultural background of my country India.

And what would be the ways, I’ll follow ….

First of all I have to be more frank with the peoples and for that I already started moving out more often, meeting new peoples and making new friends in real world.

  • Soon I’ll come up with the video posts here at this blog
  • I’ll use Skype video chat more than any other messenger
  • Update my Photos at Facebook more often
And thinking for few more ways, if you could help please leave a comment below.
Your chance –

I’m really taking steps closer towards a better future and yeah this blog post was also a step that shows now I’m bold enough and could disclose my weak points too, if you have anything in your mind after getting this blog post saved in your memory then please stay for few more seconds and write in the comments below and yeah then only the communication will complete.

Of course I’m a Working Guy, but I Works for Me and My Businesses

So many people still thinks that I’m also a typical student of India who keeps educating himself or herself for getting a source of income even after spending 3 decades of life but there are a number of peoples too who knows that I’m a working guy.

You too don’t know that, yet ?
Keep reading then …

Yeah it’s true that I’m a working guy since last 2 years but my working time is not 9 to 5 and that’s the second reason why my friends and relatives thinks that I’m not working and just busy with the studies alone, wait it was second reason so what about the first one ?

First one is that I work from home and that’s the most confusing one because here in India it is still unbelievable that anyone can work from home.

How I’m not working 9 to 5 ?
Actually I’m not working with any firm as an employee.

Yeah it’s true that currently I’m not an employee of any firm for a fixed paycheck but I do work with many firms world wide as a partner, like online advertising partner, web development partner, affiliate partner and so on.

Where I writes my own paycheck, and they pays happily.

Some of the big firms I worked with

and more than 100 small firms, working with 15 advertising firms too that are based in countries like U.K & U.S.A.
I’m Outsourcing too …

Yeah definitely I can’t manage this work overload alone and hence outsourcing virtual assistance from countries like India, Pakistan and USA.
How I’m working From Home ?
It requires a Netbook and Internet connection.
I think you are getting my points that I work online and I have several web pages from where I attracts the big firms to advertise with me via text link or banner advertising.
Over time I partnered with several advertising firms who have a great database of big firms and they are highly interested in my sites like and because of the design and quality of information published.
Now I don’t have to look for the work because it’s a mess in my official and personal email address and I have to choose that with whom to work and whom to reject.
I Collect Payment via PayPal or NEFT …

You might be wondering that how I collects the pay after the projects complete, then i would like to say that I have a PayPal account that collects foreign currencies like USD, POUND and EURO and later converts in INR before transferring into my Indian bank accounts.
If I works with the Indian firms then they do NEFT.
Final Thoughts

Now I think that after publishing this article more of my friends (like you) and relatives (like you) would be notified with the fact that I’m a working guy and not busy with the studies alone and hope you would share this article among your friends to give me a good feeling of getting known.
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