One Reason I’m Not Earning Rs.1,00,000 a Month

I’m not lazy, I am not illiterate or anything that could be striking your mind immediately after reading the title of this blog post even I am aware about the fact that I am the man with 100 good things to show off but here I am talking about the communication skill.

Yes I am not good in communication or I could have crossed the level of Rs.1,00,000 a month even working from home in my online businesses.

Let’s Dive Deep with Communication Skills

I’m trying to say that If I could have a better communication skill then I could have a bigger network and better work opportunities, I could have present in every business workshop or seminar that could help me to grow my business over night.

So what is the problem ?

Actually since the beginning I’m not a jolly type of person and that’s why I am loosing a big business in online marketplace where you have a very big market but also the providers are from all over the globe and keep it noted that only those are the winner again and again who knows that how to communicate with the interested client.

Due to communication gap I got some negative reviews and since then I never sold any of the service package that I’m offering from my blogs and that is really a big loss in overall turnover.

How I’ll Improve ?

No doubt I have to improve my communication skills in order to earn the desired income for better living in future when I’ll be buried under some new responsibilities because that keeps adding one after another specially in the cultural background of my country India.

And what would be the ways, I’ll follow ….

First of all I have to be more frank with the peoples and for that I already started moving out more often, meeting new peoples and making new friends in real world.

  • Soon I’ll come up with the video posts here at this blog
  • I’ll use Skype video chat more than any other messenger
  • Update my Photos at Facebook more often
And thinking for few more ways, if you could help please leave a comment below.
Your chance –

I’m really taking steps closer towards a better future and yeah this blog post was also a step that shows now I’m bold enough and could disclose my weak points too, if you have anything in your mind after getting this blog post saved in your memory then please stay for few more seconds and write in the comments below and yeah then only the communication will complete.

Of course I’m a Working Guy, but I Works for Me and My Businesses

So many people still thinks that I’m also a typical student of India who keeps educating himself or herself for getting a source of income even after spending 3 decades of life but there are a number of peoples too who knows that I’m a working guy.

You too don’t know that, yet ?
Keep reading then …

Yeah it’s true that I’m a working guy since last 2 years but my working time is not 9 to 5 and that’s the second reason why my friends and relatives thinks that I’m not working and just busy with the studies alone, wait it was second reason so what about the first one ?

First one is that I work from home and that’s the most confusing one because here in India it is still unbelievable that anyone can work from home.

How I’m not working 9 to 5 ?
Actually I’m not working with any firm as an employee.

Yeah it’s true that currently I’m not an employee of any firm for a fixed paycheck but I do work with many firms world wide as a partner, like online advertising partner, web development partner, affiliate partner and so on.

Where I writes my own paycheck, and they pays happily.

Some of the big firms I worked with

and more than 100 small firms, working with 15 advertising firms too that are based in countries like U.K & U.S.A.
I’m Outsourcing too …

Yeah definitely I can’t manage this work overload alone and hence outsourcing virtual assistance from countries like India, Pakistan and USA.
How I’m working From Home ?
It requires a Netbook and Internet connection.
I think you are getting my points that I work online and I have several web pages from where I attracts the big firms to advertise with me via text link or banner advertising.
Over time I partnered with several advertising firms who have a great database of big firms and they are highly interested in my sites like and because of the design and quality of information published.
Now I don’t have to look for the work because it’s a mess in my official and personal email address and I have to choose that with whom to work and whom to reject.
I Collect Payment via PayPal or NEFT …

You might be wondering that how I collects the pay after the projects complete, then i would like to say that I have a PayPal account that collects foreign currencies like USD, POUND and EURO and later converts in INR before transferring into my Indian bank accounts.
If I works with the Indian firms then they do NEFT.
Final Thoughts

Now I think that after publishing this article more of my friends (like you) and relatives (like you) would be notified with the fact that I’m a working guy and not busy with the studies alone and hope you would share this article among your friends to give me a good feeling of getting known.
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How 30 Days Without Cell Phone Changed My Life

You might be wondering that it was an extremely tough challenge to live without a cell phone for 30 days but the reality is different in my case.

But how ?

On the occasion of 12/12/12 an extraordinary day I decided to do something creative and learn more to boost my personal life and I started from the one that seems impossible these days, yes that was leaving my cell phone for some days.

It was a difficult task not because I do receive or make a lot of calls per month, it was because I do manage my online business mostly from a cell phone where Internet goes enabled 24X7.

I got it easy to face this challenge because currently I’m at home in Allahabad and no need to worry about the Internet connection because I have a WIFI enabled in entire house and a modern computer system follows on each floor too.

So I found it easy by leaving only few friends away from me for a month because they are still not frequent over Internet.

Now I can concentrate

Now I know that cell phone creates heavy mental distractions and hence from now onwards I will carry a simple cell phone to call and text only and control my mental condition to use a hi-tech and super smart phone in future, I know I can’t ignore the technology but I have to see how many days I can use the cell phone calling and texting only.

After creating this challenge I found that now I can concentrate more on any project and can give my 100 % to get the maximum returns.

Now I know about Forex Trading – life changing option

After coming back to home in winter vacation I consulted with father and showed my interest to enter into the share market but he refused by saying so that it would be a great distraction from my studies so stay away.

I got it good but online trading attracted me and guys like Timothy Sykes who made billions because of online trading and advanced trading techniques even in the most volatile markets around the globe.

In the way I found that there is a trading option available I can enable without any hassle and that is Forex Trading and after a lot of research I found Binary Option under the Forex trading that is the worlds most dense trading platform where we trade in currencies on the priority basis.

I traded in currencies, FTSE 100 & Dow Jones and lost my $20 in my first month of learning 🙁

I bought a Car – first family car

I bought a white car – Ford Fiesta Classic and got delivered the same on 31st December 2012 on the occasion of my younger brother’s 19th birthday.

And 3 days before my father’s 45th birthday.

I also learned to drive a four wheeler for the first time on my own car 🙂

It is the first car in my family and I’m really excited about its arrival because of the efforts and interest in providing some travelling comfort and luxury to my parents.

Found a commercial as well as residential land to buy

In my home town I found a commercial as well as residential land to buy within 10 kilometers of the city where it is the craze of Kumbh Mela – worlds biggest religious fair is going on.

And now checking the papers to close the deal soon.

This means a little ignorance from the hi-tech gadgets can help you to grow especially when you don’t have an online business because then you goes online only for entertainment or time pass with the anonymous friends.

No Cell Phone : A Challenge for Me

On the occasion of 12/12/12 I have decided that now and then I should set some challenge to make my life more stable when it comes to learning and creating an extraordinary image in between my friends, family and of course you.

So what is the challenge ?

In short and straight I don’t have to carry any cell phone with me for any use like calling, internet browsing, sms, whatsapp chat or else.

And for being honest with myself I have pulled off my both SIM cards out of my cell phone and also handed over to my uncle who was seeking a new Smartphone for getting stock market updates to track his investments.

Note* – So don’t think to talk to me via phone until my next blog update goes live regarding the completion of the challenge.

How to Contact me if there is an Emergency ?

No doubt I will not close all the doors that come to me and hence you can always send me a message via email at my personal Gmail email account that is robinsh123[at] – please replace [at] with @.

And you can also message me on my Facebook Account.

Possible Profit & Loss I may Face due to this Challenge

I don’t want to end this challenge with this post only but there would be a number of updates in the next 30 days because I might be full of ideas and thoughts to share via phone with someone and now that the medium is no more in my case so the only medium would be this blog you are reading currently.

Possible profits –

  • More frequent in blogging
  • More interactive on social networks 
  • Increase in networking to grow my blogging business
Possible losses –
  • Communication gap in between me and offline relatives 
  • It would be hard to locate me
  • Unknown of an emergency
There might be a lot of possible profits and losses in the list but I can’t say about more of them until experiencing personally so let me do so.
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The result of the challenge “No Cell Phone“.

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Last 24 Hours were MIX situation of Pain & Gain of Rs.10,787.25

Last 24 hours were mix situation of pain and gain for me because I was suffering from a great stomach pain and in the mean time I was also in a very positive conversation with the 2 different advertisers who helped me to raise Rs.10,787.25 in a single day due to the design and quality content of my main and the first blog

Starting from the Pain

As usual my stomach is not showing any sign what a doctor can understand and hence that’s the reason even after trying nani & dadi ke nuskhe, Allopathy as well as Ayurvedic medicines as prescribed by my family doctor.

It’s about to complete 24 hours of my working and stomach pain but I’m not giving up and making my advertisers to the feel happiness of buying the advertisement space even in low budget.

Now it’s all about the Gain of Rs.10,787.25 in a Single Day

It is the first time when I got paid in British Pound 🙂

1. GBP 50 after conversion in USD and then INR

Click on Image to Enlarge

2. USD 128 after conversion in INR

Click on Image to Enlarge

It was more than 00.10 AM and I was checking the official mail account of Digmlm and found that there was a new advertiser asking for paid article at my blog under technology and internet category and he was also asking for my prices for what I replied straight forward that I use to charge $50 for a sponsored article so he felt good and in profit due to design, content, alexa rank and google page rank of my blog what is really worth of charging $100 per paid post but I wanna being loyal with advertisers I’m not hiding the fact that my blog was penalized from the Google’s penguin and panda update recently and I lost around 75% regular traffic of my blog.

Anyways he found it profitable for his client and hence he immediately asked me to publish a piece for sending immediate payment via PayPal account.

So I approved :-

  • 2 sponsored article for $50 each
  • 1 paid post for 50 British Pound
  • 1 linkback in an old and famous article for $25
When you will combine and convert it all in USD then the total will cross $202 as per today’s exchange rate.

Interested in Deep information reveling how I did it ?

For your kind information I would like to say, yes clearly say that making money either online or offline was never ever easy and there is nothing like secret to help you earn even a single penny.

So what is the deal ?

Actually it takes a lot of research and dedication towards helping your customers and your customers might be those students who are taking a look at your blog posts for creating their college projects, they might be the people who are using your information – product or services to make their life more easier than before and hence you should care about them and they will unintentionally care for your future by responding to the advertisements or final sells you are dealing in. Leaving you collecting your paychecks.

How I did it ?

Lets go back in 2007 when I was in my high school and lacking the computer system, that was the time when I was even not aware about the businesses online but now I have my personal experiences and that all learned by my own and by performing the tests over the guides written by other experts who were famous even before my entrance in online world.

After using my cell phone, computer system for countless number of online gaming I thought about online businesses and making money online what was really a dumbest thought of that time because peoples around me were thinking that I’m going mad due to getting some spam articles who are there to cheat the readers for raising money to buy their dreams.

But due to lack of money I never invested in any of my research except the blogging what was a legit attempt and now due to my blog base I’m earning more than a general engineer or doctor here in India and hope next 5 year will help me to become more famous and rich.

Exactly what I did to make money online :-

  1. Started a blog 
  2. Wrote some articles 
  3. Started building link for my blog
  4. Got google page rank 
  5. Got to know about the advertisers and
  6. Started attracting them who helped me to make money online
This all looks too simple here when you are reading in text format but when you will come out to experience these all in reality you will feel sucked like me, I would like to say one thing to let your imagine than I got my first advertiser after 8 months of regular blogging and promoting the same.
I’m using a little bit of straight forward words and you might be thinking that I’m rude or trying to show that making money online is very tough and only few peoples can do it. But I’m not doing anything like that and trying to help you know the reality and also wanna warn you to be aware of the experts who are saying that you should join their program and make money online over night.
This article would not be the complete guide and hence would like to say that you should subscribe this blog because In the coming articles I will share my complete story like A to Z and beyond the better introduction you will come to know what I learned and how you can use those information to help yourself to make money online even when it takes time.
Just believe on me and yourself to see what happens after 6 month of starting your blog.
Why sharing this News with YOU ?

Generally I don’t likes to share my earning report with my friends because they don’t believes on my working what is worship for me and I feels bad when someone takes it lightly.
But on the request of some of my online friends I though about those who loves to hear about those experiences what can change their life and they can also make a living online in near future and create a better environment by being a happy man or women and paying the taxes as described by the country government.
Anything you want to say ? 
Please use the comment box as added below this article.