Last 24 Hours were MIX situation of Pain & Gain of Rs.10,787.25

Last 24 hours were mix situation of pain and gain for me because I was suffering from a great stomach pain and in the mean time I was also in a very positive conversation with the 2 different advertisers who helped me to raise Rs.10,787.25 in a single day due to the design and quality content of my main and the first blog

Starting from the Pain

As usual my stomach is not showing any sign what a doctor can understand and hence that’s the reason even after trying nani & dadi ke nuskhe, Allopathy as well as Ayurvedic medicines as prescribed by my family doctor.

It’s about to complete 24 hours of my working and stomach pain but I’m not giving up and making my advertisers to the feel happiness of buying the advertisement space even in low budget.

Now it’s all about the Gain of Rs.10,787.25 in a Single Day

It is the first time when I got paid in British Pound 🙂

1. GBP 50 after conversion in USD and then INR

Click on Image to Enlarge

2. USD 128 after conversion in INR

Click on Image to Enlarge

It was more than 00.10 AM and I was checking the official mail account of Digmlm and found that there was a new advertiser asking for paid article at my blog under technology and internet category and he was also asking for my prices for what I replied straight forward that I use to charge $50 for a sponsored article so he felt good and in profit due to design, content, alexa rank and google page rank of my blog what is really worth of charging $100 per paid post but I wanna being loyal with advertisers I’m not hiding the fact that my blog was penalized from the Google’s penguin and panda update recently and I lost around 75% regular traffic of my blog.

Anyways he found it profitable for his client and hence he immediately asked me to publish a piece for sending immediate payment via PayPal account.

So I approved :-

  • 2 sponsored article for $50 each
  • 1 paid post for 50 British Pound
  • 1 linkback in an old and famous article for $25
When you will combine and convert it all in USD then the total will cross $202 as per today’s exchange rate.

Interested in Deep information reveling how I did it ?

For your kind information I would like to say, yes clearly say that making money either online or offline was never ever easy and there is nothing like secret to help you earn even a single penny.

So what is the deal ?

Actually it takes a lot of research and dedication towards helping your customers and your customers might be those students who are taking a look at your blog posts for creating their college projects, they might be the people who are using your information – product or services to make their life more easier than before and hence you should care about them and they will unintentionally care for your future by responding to the advertisements or final sells you are dealing in. Leaving you collecting your paychecks.

How I did it ?

Lets go back in 2007 when I was in my high school and lacking the computer system, that was the time when I was even not aware about the businesses online but now I have my personal experiences and that all learned by my own and by performing the tests over the guides written by other experts who were famous even before my entrance in online world.

After using my cell phone, computer system for countless number of online gaming I thought about online businesses and making money online what was really a dumbest thought of that time because peoples around me were thinking that I’m going mad due to getting some spam articles who are there to cheat the readers for raising money to buy their dreams.

But due to lack of money I never invested in any of my research except the blogging what was a legit attempt and now due to my blog base I’m earning more than a general engineer or doctor here in India and hope next 5 year will help me to become more famous and rich.

Exactly what I did to make money online :-

  1. Started a blog 
  2. Wrote some articles 
  3. Started building link for my blog
  4. Got google page rank 
  5. Got to know about the advertisers and
  6. Started attracting them who helped me to make money online
This all looks too simple here when you are reading in text format but when you will come out to experience these all in reality you will feel sucked like me, I would like to say one thing to let your imagine than I got my first advertiser after 8 months of regular blogging and promoting the same.
I’m using a little bit of straight forward words and you might be thinking that I’m rude or trying to show that making money online is very tough and only few peoples can do it. But I’m not doing anything like that and trying to help you know the reality and also wanna warn you to be aware of the experts who are saying that you should join their program and make money online over night.
This article would not be the complete guide and hence would like to say that you should subscribe this blog because In the coming articles I will share my complete story like A to Z and beyond the better introduction you will come to know what I learned and how you can use those information to help yourself to make money online even when it takes time.
Just believe on me and yourself to see what happens after 6 month of starting your blog.
Why sharing this News with YOU ?

Generally I don’t likes to share my earning report with my friends because they don’t believes on my working what is worship for me and I feels bad when someone takes it lightly.
But on the request of some of my online friends I though about those who loves to hear about those experiences what can change their life and they can also make a living online in near future and create a better environment by being a happy man or women and paying the taxes as described by the country government.
Anything you want to say ? 
Please use the comment box as added below this article.

Yes YOU Can Make Money While Using this New Social Networking Site ZURKER

We are living in the golden era of social networking sites like facebook and their addiction in the users to be connected with the friends and family around the world for free. In the mean time what would be your greatest reaction for a social network named ZURKER what is promising to make you a co-owner just for helping the company in building a user base by referring it to your contacts using a specific referral code or simply by buying the shares ?
You would hardly believe that “having 10 stakes in Zurker will send you a recurring income of Rs.50,000 per quarter when company will issue the business results”, this income level is calculated by the company itself and it would be a real data whenever the company will touch turnover of $100 million.
Lets do a little calculation :-
10 Stakes = Rs.50,000 Quarterly
100 Stakes = Rs.5,00,000 Quarterly
500 Stakes = Rs.25,00,000 Quarterly
Important* – Zurker is totally free to join, even you don’t have to Buy shares to become company co-owner or investor.
When I heard for the first time about this new social networking site Zurker my jaw dropped and yeah it was totally unbelievable but after giving a quick search in Google I found that one of my blogging guru John Chow was also promoting the same.
I did joined the network and gone through the pages to attain as much as possible data in my knowledge to create a Zurker Wiki on my network of blogs to inform the readers who likes to know about anything that can be profitable in nature.
So interested to own a Social Network ? 
You need an invitation to join zurker because it is still in beta version (generally known as testing phase). Please note that wherever I will give my invitation link to help anyone to join zurker that will lead to increase in a vShare (virtual share) at my zurker account. 
Still interested to read more about Zurker ?
Instead of wasting your time I directly came to the point in the above paragraphs and left you there to decide what to do next – join or not to join. And after the invitation link I would like to write more because it seems you are interested in reading more about this brand new social networking site like it’s history, present and future.
What is Zurker ?

Zurker is a third generational social networking site developed in the public interest to make every user the company owner from the day he/she joins. No doubt a social networking site will help you being social in this fast moving life but in the mean time you will own profit in company profit and hence it is the company of the coming decade and beyond. 

Who is behind Zurker ?

Zurker is the pure idea of a serial entrepreneur Nick Oba who was behind the famous Real Estate listing site Ah Yer, Qirina a keyword research tool, Qondio a social networking site for entrepreneurs and Fortitude a magazine owned by writers.  

In which countries Zurker is active ?
Officially the Zurker is active only in the 7 countries as listed below :-
  1. India – 297,785
  2. United States – 39,567
  3. United Kingdom – 11,893
  4. Europe – 14,639
  5. Canada – 4,352
  6. Australia – 3,400
  7. Philippines – 4,358
  8. New Zealand – 832
  9. Worldwide – 24,204
Infront of the countries you can find the number of users currently active and growing at the lighting fast speed so don’t wait and grab your stake as soon as possible.
How Shares are going to be managed virtually ?
Online at your Zurker dashboard a system named vShare would manage those shares you will earn by referring the site to others or simply buying the shares in cash.
Every single vShare would be equal to ownership of 1/1,000,000 because only 1,000,000 are allocated to distribute in users to make them owner and after that company will restructure the company and all the vShare earned would become real share.
What is the future of Zurker ?
If you will relate it with the current market leader it’s nowhere because it’s just popped up and that is already running since last few successful years, since when no one was thinking about social networking sites but now everyone is serious about using these amazingly powerful services and that’s the reason Pinterest became fastest growing site on the planet, Instagram gone purchased in $1 billion etc.
It is assumed that until the 1,000,000 stakes would be distributed to the owners it’s valuable will touch the level of $5+ million and soon within next 5 years it would touch the level of $100 million and every user who will have his/her 500 shares safe will earn Rs.1 crore per annum.
No doubt most of the millionaires are going to be from the country India only as you can see the above section where I mentioned that in which countries Zurker is active and how many users are already joined before you.
So don’t wait and loose, just join using my Invitation as pasted below.

>> Invitation to Join Zurker <<

Any question or feedback ?
If you have gone through the entire article with full of concentration then it’s necessary to come up with any question or feedback to discuss with me so don’t wait anymore and write below in the comments and I’ll get back to you within next 12 hours.

My Blog’s FB Page Got 1000 Likes

Hurrey !

Finally my main blog got it’s 1000 fans on facebook who liked the page and during this journey I never forced them to do so only this time motivating by organizing a Giveaway to Win Micromax Funbook Infinity.

And for celebrating this moment I would like to invite the fan number 1000 to have a chit chat with me for atleast 30 minutes seeping a cup of coffee at Barista. It’s a girl from the same city where I’m also living currently and already sent a facebook message to her regarding the same see what she says.

If she ignores then I’ll ask to 1001 🙂

And if he/she also ignores then I’ll treat my friends and likely share the happy moments in the form of images in my upcoming article at this blog so stay hooked and don’t forget to subscribe this blog by email so whenever I updates the article will be directly send in your inbox.

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Deadly Reason – Why an Online Business Would FAIL in India

Hi friends hows you ?
Please let me know in comments below.

Yes I’m fine and thank you for opening this article to read more because here I have to say something about the single and most deadly challenge for the Indian online business owners living or willing to become one in near future.

It’s Internet Connectivity

reliance 3g dongle

Yes no doubt an online business needs to be online and for that the business requires an Internet Connectivity while here in India it is not feasible to have one even in colonies like Lajpat Nagar or the students hub Munirka of the capital city New Delhi.

Now you will ask, how do I know about this situation ?

So let me tell you one thing that I lives in Munirka now, yes shifted from Dwarka when I came back from my home town Allahabad to attend this session of my graduation.

And my first requirement was the INTERNET to be connected with my blog network what is now paying my bills and also paid the college fee this year so I started searching for the ISP’s, Internet Service Providers in my locality at Munirka and also for one of my college friend because she was also seeking one to be connected with her friends and family as she also lives far away from her home town and now lives in Lajpat Nagar.

By using my smart phone I searched for the internet service providers who were likely to be available at these two locations in New Delhi the capital city of India and started calling them for asking their services and they started saying something common like these sentences as mentioned below.

Executive – Hello sir welcome to [Company Name], how may I help you ?

Me – Hello, I need a Broadband Internet Connection in Munirka and Lajpat Nagar as well.

Executive – Okay sir let me transfer your request to our related department and they will check for the
feasibility in your area and then contact you regards the further procedure.

After 2-3 days

Me – Hello, I called for a Broadband Internet Connection in M & L location can you please tell me what happened ?

Executive – Sorry sir but currently our Internet Services are not feasible in your area.

Me – Hmmmm, thanks.

You can imagine if the locations like the Central Delhi where these companies have their corporate office and not available to fix the connections on demand then what would be the future of your business.

Top 5 ISP’s of New Delhi, I found & their Contact Details

I found these details of no use for me but you can try with the hope of getting a positive answer and their machine installation without any issue.

1. Hathw@y

AB-6, Safdarjung Enclave,
Nr.Kamal Cinema,
New Delhi- 110029

Tel : 9582893530 / 9582893528
Fax : 011-26188547

2. Tikona

3A, 3rd Floor, LBS Marg,
Bhandup (West),
Mumbai – 400078
Toll Free – 1-800-20-94276
Email –

Munirka – 09555214191

3. Spectranet

42, Okhla Industrial Estate, Phase III
New Delhi – 110 020

Delhi/NCR: 011-6603 4999
Rest of India: 1860 266 0099
Email :

Munirka – Shivam Broadband (Charge Rs.100 Extra)
Contact Number – 09213248656

4. Airtel

One of the most irritating customer care executives the company have, they never tells you about your status of the application but register a new request for a connection requirement and send a guy to fill the form each time immediately but after filling the form they will not care about the installation.

They still don’t have any idea that I have booked for a connection before 12 days and now also cancelled the same and they have to pay me back the booking amount.

Their website don’t have the contact details –
As I found after a little bit search – 01144444121

Executives personal numbers –

Mr. Arun – 09211860504
Mr. Kanhaiya – 09718003750

5. Sify

They also don’t have any contact detail except an email address and they also likes to reply you via sending email that takes 4-5 days to know that their connection is available at your locality or not.

So email them –

I saw the big players into the market less likely to help you get their products or services 🙁

ISP’s with whom I interacted and they did nothing for me and my business and hence I was bound to buy a wireless modem from Reliance and that is Reliance 3G giving expected average speed of 5 to 50 kbps and fluctuating a lot so don’t buy it if you don’t have to deal with any serious business like mine.

I think even after spending around Rs.1000 monthly, I have to visit the nearest cyber cafe for some steps that can’t be managed in this speed.

Financial losses till now – Due to my dis-connectivity from the Internet where I was not able to update my blogs and most importantly checking the email accounts I lost around $200 in last 12-13 days because the emails asking about the advertisement and sponsored articles left for other bloggers in the same category and when I replied lately they said that the project is no more.

Now I’ll not lose any money that comes in my mail accounts but honestly telling using the Internet at this speed is really stressful and I need to have some medicines or other ways to keep my head cool so please recommend something if you know will work along with the comment mentioning hows you doing now a days. 

Google Updating PageRank – May 2012

Every business should be under your regular analysis and hence being an online business owner I use various plugins, software and sites to keep tracking my sites and their growth or down time.

In the same terms Google Pagerank also comes in every professional blogger or webmaster what specifies that how much quality and value a webpage is holding at the current update of google. Google keeps updating PageRank of each and every site listed in google search engine after every quarter of the year.

What is Google PageRank ?

Google PageRank is link analysis algorithm used by biggest search engine Google, PageRanks are assigned as a number from 0 to 10 what gives position to each and every page up or down into the search results according to the value provided into that specific web page
Read more on Google Pagerank Update – May 2012 

Google Pagerank Update – May 2012 

Today when I was coming back from my college a call came on my mobile and at the other end my younger brother Rajnish Kumar of TechTwisted informing me that he is tracking Google PageRank Update – May 2012 as it was expected because it was about 3 months since last Google Pagerank Update – Feb 2012.

So I did a quick confirmation by searching over the Twitter as well as Google News but nothing was anything about this update and that’s the reason this is the second update regarding the Google Update – May 2012