Behtar Services – Story Behind My Firm Registration

I was doing freelancing, blogging and some short of digital marketing to make a living online and that was all on my personal details like my home address & my personal bank account.But after #noteban and completing my MBA in marketing I thought that I should create a legal entity and use business banking to receive funds and file the ITR in proper manner, so I decided to register a proprietorship firm in my home town Allahabad. Continue reading

Of course I’m a Working Guy, but I Works for Me and My Businesses

So many people still thinks that I’m also a typical student of India who keeps educating himself or herself for getting a source of income even after spending 3 decades of life but there are a number of peoples too who knows that I’m a working guy.

You too don’t know that, yet ?
Keep reading then …

Yeah it’s true that I’m a working guy since last 2 years but my working time is not 9 to 5 and that’s the second reason why my friends and relatives thinks that I’m not working and just busy with the studies alone, wait it was second reason so what about the first one ?

First one is that I work from home and that’s the most confusing one because here in India it is still unbelievable that anyone can work from home.

How I’m not working 9 to 5 ?
Actually I’m not working with any firm as an employee.

Yeah it’s true that currently I’m not an employee of any firm for a fixed paycheck but I do work with many firms world wide as a partner, like online advertising partner, web development partner, affiliate partner and so on.

Where I writes my own paycheck, and they pays happily.

Some of the big firms I worked with

and more than 100 small firms, working with 15 advertising firms too that are based in countries like U.K & U.S.A.
I’m Outsourcing too …

Yeah definitely I can’t manage this work overload alone and hence outsourcing virtual assistance from countries like India, Pakistan and USA.
How I’m working From Home ?
It requires a Netbook and Internet connection.
I think you are getting my points that I work online and I have several web pages from where I attracts the big firms to advertise with me via text link or banner advertising.
Over time I partnered with several advertising firms who have a great database of big firms and they are highly interested in my sites like and because of the design and quality of information published.
Now I don’t have to look for the work because it’s a mess in my official and personal email address and I have to choose that with whom to work and whom to reject.
I Collect Payment via PayPal or NEFT …

You might be wondering that how I collects the pay after the projects complete, then i would like to say that I have a PayPal account that collects foreign currencies like USD, POUND and EURO and later converts in INR before transferring into my Indian bank accounts.
If I works with the Indian firms then they do NEFT.
Final Thoughts

Now I think that after publishing this article more of my friends (like you) and relatives (like you) would be notified with the fact that I’m a working guy and not busy with the studies alone and hope you would share this article among your friends to give me a good feeling of getting known.
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Learning Affiliate Marketing, Making Notes, Looking for Room – Little bit Busy now a Days

I know you might be wondering that where is this guy named Robinsh now a days and yeah I’m here looking for some exciting project’s result to share with you all.

I’m busy in – 

  • Learning affiliate marketing to earn at least $100 a day.
  • Making notes for preparation in my upcoming university exams.
  • Looking for a new room to move on some good locality in New Delhi.
#1. Learning Affiliate Marketing
You know I’m a little bit aware of blogging and how to make money blogging but still looking for new ways to leverage my efforts of work from home because I have a goal of earning at least $100 a day and that is possible only when I’ll work out of the comfort zone and burn money to earn money.
I know it will take a lot of time and money without any results even though I have to become an affiliate marketer in coming months because it attracts me from the very beginning when I stepped into the online money making niche and dropped out of my college where I was pursuing for a wonderful engineering degree.
Now I’m pursuing in bachelor in business and this is the second successful year and in the mean time I have a lot of time to educate myself for building an online business empire before completing my college earning a lot more than my college friends.
If you are my college friend and getting this post as a challenge for you then please take it as a challenge because it will help you to grow in your life.

Why money matters ?

You may ask that why take challenge in case of making money because I think it is the biggest motivator in my life and no doubt I can do well if you will take a challenge where we have to earn money, a lot of money.
So what is the level of my learning in Affiliate Marketing ?

Actually I already learned a lot from Tyler Cruz.
  • Got approved by CPA networks like Clickbank & Adscend Media
  • Using Facebook Ads, thanks to digmlm fan page
  • Using Google AdWords
  • Using POF Ads
  • Banner Ads
And today I created my first campaign with the starting investment of $25 and waiting for the ad campaign approval at the Plenty of Fish advertisement portal.
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#2. Making Notes
Hmmm not liking this project where I have to make the notes for preparing during exam times but this is also very necessary to pass the examinations and be free all the time to work on different projects online. 
And no doubt my notes will also help my friends to clear their examinations so it’s a serious business now a days.
#3. Looking for a New Room
Here the biggest problem is not getting the Internet feasibility what is the base of my career and business future so I have to move on and look for a new room at some good locality and mentioning this into this blog post is also a motive to let you know about this and help me find a good accommodation for me where I can live without any interference of the house owner.
I would prefer to stay in Central or South Delhi because then I can easily commute to my college and all friends place or hangout at any meeting place without any difficulty.
So friends if you can help me please send me an email at “robinsh123[@]gmail[.]com” or give a call at +918010025074 to let me know about the vacant places.
Now it’s late enough and I have to go to take dinner so good night, take care and please be connected by subscribing this blog or via any social network you use.

My 164 Days Old BLOG Got It’s FIRST Advertiser

Within the six month of launching my blog TheBizTimes today it is the day when I got an advertiser who paid me $25 for buying an advertisement over there.

So it’s a good news that my other blog is also started helping me to make money online and now for making that blog more powerful I’m hiring a news moderator who will update the business and technology news that is the main and front side section of the TheBizTimes.

Apply for JOB

You can also apply for that job from the digitalpoint forum thread :-

Yes it Took 164 Days

Like I have always said that making money takes hard work and patience especially when you decides not to cheat anyone either online or offline.

Recently when I announced that “How I Made Rs.10,787.25 in Less than 18 Hours” people started commenting that it’s a scam, mission impossible even though I posted the money transfer statement from the trusted source PayPal.

I don’t care you believes or not that making money online is possible or not but there are some readers who knows that what is the truth and for them I’m writing this article that it takes a lot of hard work of months without any earning and until then you have to invest from your savings to boost your business idea believing that one day it will be successful.

What it Takes to Attract Advertisers

Specially in online publishing media you have to get some position as defined by the Google, Alexa and analytics verified visitors stats.

Google’s Page Rank

Google have a ranking system to position your website in the entire and the biggest search network provided by the Google itself and that is the Page Rank.

Click Here to read more about the Page Rank and my various blog’s position according to same.

Alexa Rank is the web information company which ranks the websites and blogs out of the total blogs and their readers using Alexa Toolbar. According to Alexa my main blog ranks in top 90,000 websites of all sites around the world – a pretty big achievement isn’t it ?

Just visit the site and enter your web URL to check your rank globally as well as locally.

Visitor Stats

You should always be aware about the visitors of your blog because it is the biggest reason any advertiser looks for business with your site.

Google Analytics is the best and widely used free tool, so have a look there and follow their easy setup steps to get your website stats on the daily basis that updates in the mid of night.

These tools make you aware about web positions that helps in setting prices and pitching advertisers to do business with you.

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For the First time Ever I’m Going to Help YOU Make Money Blogging

My last 24 hour’s most important work was none other than starting an email newsletter for helping every one who believes in making money online specially doing blogging because here in this category I have some personal experience of last 4 years and yes myself also making a living online via blogging and some freelancing over there in countries like USA, UK and Australia so stay connected and Click Here to enter there in that list what is also the first newsletter offering of mine.

Highlights of joining this weekly newsletter ?

No doubt the main topic would be making money online but being a social animal I would like to be connected with you on personal level and hence send some personal information and also seek the reply with your day today stories that can influence others life.

Main highlights would be :-

  • Make money online tips 
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  • Business ideas 
  • Discussion
And many more that can help you earn a better future to live this life with full of happiness and satisfaction.
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What would be Frequency of my Mails ?

I was always frustrated with the email from the same sender on the daily basis and hence unsubscribed from their list even when they were sending the high quality content for my online success.
So I’ll not do repeat their mistakes and leave you happy with low frequency mails where you will get a lot of relaxation time (may be of 7 days) to experiment on my words.
I know some of you might be thinking of getting daily tips so I will not let you go negative because this blog probably will get the daily updates now onwards to help you grow your blog or any online business to make more money than your efforts because I have gone through the same pathway and now it’s the time to follow that experience and take advantage of the same.

Any words YOU wanna share ?

I know you have a lot of words to share and hence asking again and again to leave the shyness behind your success and come here infront to say what you have to ask or share for getting help or helping others and no doubt being your host I would like to support your words.
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