How I Lived One DAY Away From my Netbook

Today I went to my college with my Acer Aspire One Netbook to complete my presentation got into the previous lecture of Marketing.
And guess what happend?
No idea, koi nahi – actually one of my classmate and the best friend Ms.Ritali Sachar took the same for one day to use as a medium to show the Sattal, Nainital tour pics and videos I had collected in numbers around 800.

So, I came back from college cooked my lunch and then some rest and moved to cyber cafe for 6 to 8 in the evening for checking mails, facebook and mainly the blog where I wrote an article about Facebook IPO opening what is scheduled in May 2012.

YAMAHA Bike Showroom/Service Center in Palam, New Delhi

After washing clothes and having my lunch I was planning to take some rest for night shift over blogging but at the same time received a call from Mr.Arun Iyer a college senior and a good friend with an ethical mind something like mine who was coming nearby my room to get his bike serviced and wanted to take me on the ride and yeah I accepted the same.

His bike Yamaha FZ was not running smooth and he was complaining about the gear and brake what is the main component to do check everytime before taking it out in the traffic because it can cause major accident to bike as well as the rider.

Finally we got back the bike in around 1 hour of wait in their waiting room watching news regarding the scam in security department and a tribute to Sachin Tendulkar organized by the Ambani’s in Mumbai, India.

Facebook Or Forgetbook

I have just written an article about a shutdown operation from the hacker group ‘Anonymous’ who are planning to completely kill the social media giant on the coming 5th November 2011 also know as ‘Guy Fawkes Night’ as shown in the movie ‘V FOR VENDETTA’ which I just watched a couple of days before and that was really amazing and hence recommends you to watch the same.  
Come back to the topic I was just asking what do you thinks about this hack what is planned and a great headache for the lovers and management team of the facebook, will you please make a comment contribution below as same as you thinks about this topic after reading the source article as published by me today with all the exclusive updates regarding this news.
You can also say just Facebook for supporting this service or Forgetbook for removing this service.

Why I am Not Going to Join Google +

You may be aware of Google + a brand new social networking website from the Internet king Google Inc while very limited number of people are using it in it’s beta version, even I also got a lot of invitation from my friends for joining it but I would like to be far away from more social networks because twitter and facebook is already enough for my working online.

Read more about “Google +” in hindi at one of our sister website.

Some of Interesting, Inspiring and Great Pupils around me

It’s really good thing if you observes people around you because they will be helpful to inspire you or to make you happy. Why I thought about happiness because I somewhere heard about it and the sentence was something like “Happiness is the key to success”.
And that’s why you should live in an environment far away from the negativity and the group of peoples who creates it all and makes you able to think that why are you not getting as much as others, from the life.
Today I going to share about all those personalities who cares to make a positive environment, where every one can live happily. And I better know because they all are around me, to whom I know personally.
Note* If you wanna friendship with them don’t forget to add them as a friend at facebook as I will mention their profile link under their information section.    

1. Ujjawal Tripathi

Occupation : Engineering Student
Hobbies : Collecting global facts, watching movies, reading novels
My Words : I think I got one of the best room-mate (my luck). He is really the best person in my Hostel because of his friendly and helpful nature, he gives the same what he receives. So just be friendly with him and I am sure you will like him.
2. Shantanu Yadav
Occupation : Engineering Student
Hobbies : Biking, Gaming

My Words : Looks innocent but that is not the reality, he is my college-mate lives in the same hostel. I think he is the most entertaining as well as the serious person in my friend list.

3. Kanishka Singh
Occupation : Engineering Student
Hobbies : Listening songs, chatting, travelling

My Words : A very cool buddy, he goes the same way he wants and he is really enjoying his life as he was planning since school days. Takes instant decisions I likes the most in his personality.

4. Nitish Kumar

Occupation : MCA Student
Hobbies : Watching movies, sleeping, cricketing  

My Words : Lives like a real senior, funny as well as helpful by nature. Firstly I was in contact with him because of exchanging movies, he really makes a huge collection of the movies, songs, wallpapers etc 

5. Vijay Sharma 

Occupation : MBA Student
Hobbies : Watching movies, chatting, sleeping
My Words : A movie maniac, lives his life according to his own likes and enjoyment. Expert in making new friends but not in managing them, watever he is but a very kind hearted person I have seen here in my college life.
Now you have to say that who is best for becoming your friend ?