Happy Holi

Happy Holi, my dear friends, family and all other loyal readers of my blog networks.

If there’s any message to my work,..
It is ultimately that it’s OK to be different,
That it’s good to be different,..
That we should question….
Ourselves before we pass judgment..
On someone who looks different,..
Behaves different,…
Talks different,…
Is a different color.

Happy Holi …

I was Disconnected from Myself

Hi friends, first of all please accept my late wish for Happy Dussehara, Dhanteras, Diwali and Children’s day.

I was feeling disconnected even when I was updating my facebook more frequently now a days and spending more time for getting more powerful networking with the existing friends and also with the new ones and they were also responding well.

So what were the reasons behind the feeling like this ?

I think inner illness was giving me such type of feeling and I was like disconnected from you, from my personal blog even when I was overwhelm with the news and ideas to share with you all on the daily basis or I can say that I was able to update this blog twice in a day to let you read more than your expectation and think about me and my activities for completing the communication by commenting.

Yes I was ill for a whole week, I think that event came just after I wrote the previous article you might have missed that was entitled “Threatening Dengue is On Rise in Delhi“.

Even after around a month I’m not feeling good as a normal Robinsh feels and works for his online ventures anyways now again I’hv to visit New Delhi because my college is about to open again after a week long holiday on behalf of Diwali the festival of light.

What is that is I have to do to become active again ?

I’m already on a good diet because currently I don’t have to think about the great home made food made by my mother and also other un-productive works like cleaning my room, washing the clothes etc

Other works to do :-

  • Visiting my friends
  • Sort of fun and entertainment 
  • Meeting new friends who were connected on FB
  • Interviewing a college dean for my next project
  • Bla bla bla
Hope these activities will help me to become fresh and productive again and I’ll start enjoying my lonely stay in the capital city of India where I do live for my studies.
Anything in your mind ?
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Yes YOU Can Make Money While Using this New Social Networking Site ZURKER

We are living in the golden era of social networking sites like facebook and their addiction in the users to be connected with the friends and family around the world for free. In the mean time what would be your greatest reaction for a social network named ZURKER what is promising to make you a co-owner just for helping the company in building a user base by referring it to your contacts using a specific referral code or simply by buying the shares ?
You would hardly believe that “having 10 stakes in Zurker will send you a recurring income of Rs.50,000 per quarter when company will issue the business results”, this income level is calculated by the company itself and it would be a real data whenever the company will touch turnover of $100 million.
Lets do a little calculation :-
10 Stakes = Rs.50,000 Quarterly
100 Stakes = Rs.5,00,000 Quarterly
500 Stakes = Rs.25,00,000 Quarterly
Important* – Zurker is totally free to join, even you don’t have to Buy shares to become company co-owner or investor.
When I heard for the first time about this new social networking site Zurker my jaw dropped and yeah it was totally unbelievable but after giving a quick search in Google I found that one of my blogging guru John Chow was also promoting the same.
I did joined the network and gone through the pages to attain as much as possible data in my knowledge to create a Zurker Wiki on my network of blogs to inform the readers who likes to know about anything that can be profitable in nature.
So interested to own a Social Network ? 
You need an invitation to join zurker because it is still in beta version (generally known as testing phase). Please note that wherever I will give my invitation link to help anyone to join zurker that will lead to increase in a vShare (virtual share) at my zurker account. 
Still interested to read more about Zurker ?
Instead of wasting your time I directly came to the point in the above paragraphs and left you there to decide what to do next – join or not to join. And after the invitation link I would like to write more because it seems you are interested in reading more about this brand new social networking site like it’s history, present and future.
What is Zurker ?

Zurker is a third generational social networking site developed in the public interest to make every user the company owner from the day he/she joins. No doubt a social networking site will help you being social in this fast moving life but in the mean time you will own profit in company profit and hence it is the company of the coming decade and beyond. 

Who is behind Zurker ?

Zurker is the pure idea of a serial entrepreneur Nick Oba who was behind the famous Real Estate listing site Ah Yer, Qirina a keyword research tool, Qondio a social networking site for entrepreneurs and Fortitude a magazine owned by writers.  

In which countries Zurker is active ?
Officially the Zurker is active only in the 7 countries as listed below :-
  1. India – 297,785
  2. United States – 39,567
  3. United Kingdom – 11,893
  4. Europe – 14,639
  5. Canada – 4,352
  6. Australia – 3,400
  7. Philippines – 4,358
  8. New Zealand – 832
  9. Worldwide – 24,204
Infront of the countries you can find the number of users currently active and growing at the lighting fast speed so don’t wait and grab your stake as soon as possible.
How Shares are going to be managed virtually ?
Online at your Zurker dashboard a system named vShare would manage those shares you will earn by referring the site to others or simply buying the shares in cash.
Every single vShare would be equal to ownership of 1/1,000,000 because only 1,000,000 are allocated to distribute in users to make them owner and after that company will restructure the company and all the vShare earned would become real share.
What is the future of Zurker ?
If you will relate it with the current market leader it’s nowhere because it’s just popped up and that is already running since last few successful years, since when no one was thinking about social networking sites but now everyone is serious about using these amazingly powerful services and that’s the reason Pinterest became fastest growing site on the planet, Instagram gone purchased in $1 billion etc.
It is assumed that until the 1,000,000 stakes would be distributed to the owners it’s valuable will touch the level of $5+ million and soon within next 5 years it would touch the level of $100 million and every user who will have his/her 500 shares safe will earn Rs.1 crore per annum.
No doubt most of the millionaires are going to be from the country India only as you can see the above section where I mentioned that in which countries Zurker is active and how many users are already joined before you.
So don’t wait and loose, just join using my Invitation as pasted below.

>> Invitation to Join Zurker <<

Any question or feedback ?
If you have gone through the entire article with full of concentration then it’s necessary to come up with any question or feedback to discuss with me so don’t wait anymore and write below in the comments and I’ll get back to you within next 12 hours.

Happy Friendship Day, My Friends !

Wishing you all a very Happy Friendship Day my friends, yes every reader of this blog is a verified friend of mine and you are worth of accepting this wish but don’t worry it’s totally on you to decide that I’m your friend or not and you should wish me back or not in the comment below.

Happy Friendship Day !

I don’t think I’m strong in saving relations but I’hv seen many peoples around me who thinks I can do it and should do it because I’ll be human only when I will choose to become a social animal.

I never known with the fact that how I got them to introduce as my friend but it gives a good feeling when you have someone to say as a good friend or the best friend because then you have someone with whom you will be able to share your good and bad what is really a basic need other than getting food, cloth and shelter.

Why I Can’t be Social Animal, Know 4 Benefits of Having an Unsocial Personality [UPDATED]

Previously I had written this article entitled “Why I Can’t be Social Animal, Know 4 Benefits of Having an Anti-Social Personality” what was not right according to one of my best friend and cousin (who is unsocial like me) and hence she was aware of the better word and corrected this article by replacing the word ‘Anti-Social’ with ‘Unsocial’.  

So what is the difference between Anti-Social and Unsocial Personality type ?

  • Anti-Social Personality – A personality type that can cause damage or harm to society.
  • Unsocial Personality – Where a person don’t cares about getting company of others. 

Do you know why a lonely person can’t be social as much as you are, here in this story you will come to know that how I did a try to become social after coming here in New Delhi but suddenly my past best friend made me to think that “you can’t be social yaar“, wanna know how she did so ? then continue reading I am going to elaborate the same in this article below. 

Why I Can’t Be Social Animal ?

Because people around me or any lonely person will never ever give him/her even a single chance to come out and live like they should, to see how ? keep scanning the lines below.

Image Credit – Nlimmen

Actually it all starts within an institute from where I am pursuing my graduation in management and it was really surprising for me that I was able to make a friend circle, performing good in almost every subject, my parents feels that now I will be able to make my career as I want to make, and one other and most strange thing I saw in my own personality that I was mixing very fast with almost every faculty member who were facilitating me with my batch mates.
Question.- Any idea how it all happend ? specially in my case who never thought to talk a girl of his own age group, who never talked with any senior,teacher,faculty or even with my own parents by directly watching in their eyes due to several kinds of real or virtual fear.
Answer. – Because I was just acting to be a social animal but everyone knows that there is a deep valley in between the word actor and the real hero, and I was never a hero – so here in this try my acting got only 1/2 star rating out of 5.
Those 19 Days what Made me Again an Unsocial Person
From the day one of April 2012 me and one of my batch mate decided to prepare for next month university exams for what we were already informed by means of schedule that was already pasted on the students notice board and out respective examination centre was also somewhere in our memory.
When I was preparing for the Elements of Insurance in the mean time she was dealing with the Employee Relations & Marketing, side by side I was also looking at English and Prose but the Financial Accounting was creating a little mess for both or say for most of the student due to late start and irregular class with a faculty who was not elaborating the subject from the basics even after getting aware of the fact that me, my past best friend and also some other students were never ever touched this subject before.
Twist Comes Here
During these preparations we also bunked our college for around 1 week and when finally we all decided to join  the lectures again, things gone wrong but how – 
On second last day when we had to collect at the college, immediately we (other than my past best friend) took a decision to join the college on the same day to attend the lecture as well as to consult some problems (what came during our examination preparations) with the concerning faculties without informing my past best friend because we thought she will not come that day and also will convince us not to do so.  
And on the next day ….
My past best friend came and she started with various burning debate to the main topic where I “her best friend” not informed her about the previous day class and in the mean time during the debate I did another mistake and told her that it was planned by me and the batch mate with whom I was preparing for the upcoming exams. 
Means I poured the petrol over burning fire and that burned myself the most. 
Most Hurting Gossips for Me 
Now you know that I was not getting time to spend with others, the batch mates and specially with the past best friend and in response they started gossiping over me and my batch mate what was really a dangerous part for me but most dangerous for her because she might even face some misunderstanding in her own relationship with her partner.
And I can’t be a person responsible for ruining someone’s life just because of the gossips. 
What are Benefits if I’ll go Unsocial 
Being lonely might be stressful for you but I knows the same status can boost someone’s productivity in his/her professional and I’m a live example for you.
Benefits of being social :- 

  • I’ll be able to concentrate on my studies
  • I’ll be able to concentrate on my blogging business 
  • I’ll be able to avoid fights – with the peoples around me
  • I’ll not create misunderstanding between a couple  

Many more were there in mind but I thought it will hit your lonely mind and you will also like to share best of them in the comments below.
Final Words   
I don’t know what you might be thinking now but don’t think that I’m weak in managing relationships because I accept that I’m really very weak in that part of life and hence would never ever try again to go social so me and people around me will feel happy atleast during professional meetings with me.