Learning Affiliate Marketing, Making Notes, Looking for Room – Little bit Busy now a Days

I know you might be wondering that where is this guy named Robinsh now a days and yeah I’m here looking for some exciting project’s result to share with you all.

I’m busy in – 

  • Learning affiliate marketing to earn at least $100 a day.
  • Making notes for preparation in my upcoming university exams.
  • Looking for a new room to move on some good locality in New Delhi.
#1. Learning Affiliate Marketing
You know I’m a little bit aware of blogging and how to make money blogging but still looking for new ways to leverage my efforts of work from home because I have a goal of earning at least $100 a day and that is possible only when I’ll work out of the comfort zone and burn money to earn money.
I know it will take a lot of time and money without any results even though I have to become an affiliate marketer in coming months because it attracts me from the very beginning when I stepped into the online money making niche and dropped out of my college where I was pursuing for a wonderful engineering degree.
Now I’m pursuing in bachelor in business and this is the second successful year and in the mean time I have a lot of time to educate myself for building an online business empire before completing my college earning a lot more than my college friends.
If you are my college friend and getting this post as a challenge for you then please take it as a challenge because it will help you to grow in your life.

Why money matters ?

You may ask that why take challenge in case of making money because I think it is the biggest motivator in my life and no doubt I can do well if you will take a challenge where we have to earn money, a lot of money.
So what is the level of my learning in Affiliate Marketing ?

Actually I already learned a lot from Tyler Cruz.
  • Got approved by CPA networks like Clickbank & Adscend Media
  • Using Facebook Ads, thanks to digmlm fan page
  • Using Google AdWords
  • Using POF Ads
  • Banner Ads
And today I created my first campaign with the starting investment of $25 and waiting for the ad campaign approval at the Plenty of Fish advertisement portal.
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#2. Making Notes
Hmmm not liking this project where I have to make the notes for preparing during exam times but this is also very necessary to pass the examinations and be free all the time to work on different projects online. 
And no doubt my notes will also help my friends to clear their examinations so it’s a serious business now a days.
#3. Looking for a New Room
Here the biggest problem is not getting the Internet feasibility what is the base of my career and business future so I have to move on and look for a new room at some good locality and mentioning this into this blog post is also a motive to let you know about this and help me find a good accommodation for me where I can live without any interference of the house owner.
I would prefer to stay in Central or South Delhi because then I can easily commute to my college and all friends place or hangout at any meeting place without any difficulty.
So friends if you can help me please send me an email at “robinsh123[@]gmail[.]com” or give a call at +918010025074 to let me know about the vacant places.
Now it’s late enough and I have to go to take dinner so good night, take care and please be connected by subscribing this blog or via any social network you use.

School Education In India

I always asked why we do schooling ?
And some strange answers came out from my teachers like:-
1). Because your friend goes too
2). Because you can’t be at home disturbing everybody  
3). Because you have to become doctor,engineer or anything else you want
4). So you will be able to have a good life partner and also will get a lot of dowry and etc
Very few one said that because you have to be educated so you will become an intelligent animal and that’s the reason after my +2 I was totally confused about choosing the right course for higher studies and took what my parents offered me and that was B.Tech in IT but very soon I left and took what was my desired  subject and now I’m very much sure that will do good at the academics side as well as at the business site.

If you will ask for my advice to select better school education no doubt I will say to choose only that course what meets your or your ward’s dreams even by 5% because then only the student will be able to maintain good grades what will give good feelings to student and the family.
In the developing countries like India basic school education goes wrong due to disturbed education system or you can say it is only a business model to get most of the money from society because no one thinks to care about the results but only about the school status and higher fees means the fools thinks that good education can be purchased by paying good payment to the tutor or school.
Even the big players in basic school education system of India proudly cheating the peoples on the name of education and that’s why more students are not getting a good basic education and the same leads to not getting desired job and also not the idea to develop any business after all their parents already lost their financial backup on the name of bloody school education.
Solution against School Education ?     
Do not go for getting education in big players of the market of school education but get your ward admitted in some decent school nearby and educate them at home as much as you can do on your own or by contacting a home tutor because basic education till +2 doesn’t matter either your child belong to a well known school or locally known school and let them know what is their dream and interest to choose for their profession and matching the same line of interest let them follow the course where they will find them happy during opening their course books, notes etc and no doubt the results will be as desired.
Any suggestion on Indian Education system ?   
It is all about a system where change will not occur at once and before working towards the same I would like to collect the list of necessary points so we will be able to work upon and hope will improve the basic school education level of Asian countries where most of the world population belongs but not getting even basic education as they should get, please don’t ignore this section and share atleast one idea in the comments below that can change the way schooling goes in practice in your country.