Why It’s too Good to Do Blogging in 2015

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I’m feeling sorry because I was not getting time to share some facts about blogging that is what is my primary job now a days.

Anyway I’m live again and now want to share a great finding for all who want to become a blogger in 2015.

Blogging is Easy in 2015

How to Blog in 2015

Actually after a number of updates (like Penguin & Panda) from Google I got to see that search engine optimization (SEO) industry almost died and even the big SEO experts are silently recommending that don’t do anything for SEO or that will become an unnatural activity and your web property would be disconnected from the search engines.

How to Do Blogging in 2015

As I experienced, just focus on creating quality/great content and try to engage with your blog readers through the various channels like social media pages of the blog, email or by having a question answer session in real time webinars to get the link popularity and then search bots would follow them.

Being Social is New SEO in 2015

I Have Some Data to Share

Case РI started a new blog Naukri Daily early in February 2015 and as I was aware about the new SEO, I moved directly to gain some social media attention and hence created a facebook page for that blog

#1. Traffic Sources

SNP Traffic Sources

In the traffic stats screen shot you can see that how the organic traffic is following the social referral traffic without extra efforts on the name of SEO.

#2. Alexa Rank

naukridaily alexa rank


After continuous efforts in creating high quality news for my audience I achieved the global and country rank as mentioned above and it is impressive or not it’s upto your experience in developing a bog or website and boosting the rank for the same.

P.S. I shared what I saw during creating and promoting a web property in 2015, if you have also some findings that is supporting or opposing my results, please feel free to write into the comments below.

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