9 Questions to Ask for Choosing Blog Topics

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Every time when I finish elaborating that what is blogging, the very next question arises that what blog topics would be the best ?

blog topics

And to answer that question I would like to say.

For choosing a topic to blog, one needs brainstorming.

To help you brainstorm in a controlled manner I found a set of nine questions as listed below :-

  1. What interests do you have ?
  2. What experiences have you had ?
  3. What expertise and skills do you have ?
  4. What are your passions ?
  5. What gives you energy ?
  6. What do you talk a lot about to friends, family and colleagues ?
  7. What questions do you always face ?
  8. What is that is you want to write around ?
  9. What do you want to learn ?

I know that now you can choose the topic to blog and please don’t feel shy to share in the comments section below if you found any other way to choose blog topics.

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One thought on “9 Questions to Ask for Choosing Blog Topics

  1. Well passion and determination is really important for blogging otherwise we’ll quit eventually. Consistency is also important and then we can expect good outcome.

    Thanks for sharing!

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