About Me

Hello dear reader,
My name is Robinsh Kumar and I’m the author of this blog, I’m feeling good to see that you are interested and want to know more about me.

All about me and Robinsh.Me

Do you know that if you want to start a career in online industry you needs to follow the right connections because only they can help you grow the right way.

So who am “I” ?

Robinsh Kumar

[It’s Me]

I’m from Allahabad, India graduated from Annamalai University and decided to go solo and become a professional blogger to help the people:

  1. Get online
  2. Know more about the Internet and
  3. Create a business online

It’s all started back in 2004 when I actually came to use the Internet myself and slowly I saw many advertisements like “make money online” and that was something of my interest.

I’m a person who loves to be self dependent and that’s why I started searching the search engines for the ways to make money online, and to my surprise I got tons of tips from the bunch of unethical resources (but then I was not aware about ethical or unethical resources over Internet).

I was very much impressed with those resources and that’s why decided to buy my first personal computer and for that I convinced my parents, and they gave me my first PC in 2006.

I’m thankful to my parents, they gave me PC but now I know they gave me a promising career.

After getting an advanced gadget I switched to high speed Internet connection and  then started working on those money making suggestions like:

  • Filling Surveys
  • Paid to Click Ads
  • Sending SMS
  • Data Entry Works
  • Reading Emails
  • Get Paid to Browsing
  • And many more …

But you won’t believe that even after 4 years of hard work and passive learning I was not able to earn my 1st dollar.

So actually what worked for me ?

After various failure I decided to invest and see what happens and that’s why I registered my first self hosted domain digmlm dot com (now buzzinbiz) on 10th March, 2010. And now I was into the real business online, now I was getting emails from all over the world to do partnership, now I was getting dollars into my PayPal account & bank account.

What worked for me to make money online ?

my earning via buysellads

[My BuySellAds Earnings]

Robinsh Kumar Google Adsense Earning

my earning through google adsense

[My Google Adsense Earning]

As you know that now I had a self hosted website on a custom domain name and I was free to use various advertisements, and I did used the various services to do so and some of them and total earning from them are:

  • Sponsored Posts – $2000+
  • Buy Sell Ads – $1337.24
  • Google Adsense – $2237.69
  • Affiliate Marketing – $200 (approx.)
  • Social Marketing – $100 (approx.)

Earning from my online businesses = $5,874.93/-
Earning in Indian Rupees = (Rs.3,94,436.63/-)

With my first self hosted domain I made over Rs.2,00,000 within 3 years and then I moved to Greater Noida for engineering but withing the first 6 months I realized that I was right and I should not follow my parents suggestion to become an engineer because everyone in relation is going to become an engineer in near future and that’s why I left and took admission in B.B.A from Annamalai University, Delhi.

This was the course I was interested from beginning and that’s why I got a good rank from the beginning and also now I had very much of free time to do blogging passionately.

  • Currently pursuing MBA in Marketing from SHIATS, Allahabad.

During this time I registered my personal blog you are reading right now and started posting personal stuff and in the mean time I was working on a number of projects like:

  • BuzzInBiz (successor of digmlm)
  • Pharmacrunch (registered again)
  • AdIndic (expired)
  • TheBizTimes (expired)
  • The Insurancer (expired)
  • TechTwisted (my brother’s initiative)

Some of these are still giving me bread and some of them are died because they were not acting as I was thinking.

Now I’m working at a various other projects to help the students of India to get their dream job and education the right way but you have to care for this this blog you are reading right now.

How Robinsh.Me will help you ?

First of all I created this blog to share my thoughts, emotions, photos and everything else for fun but soon I realized that readers were not responding (except some posts where I shared about the places I visited during vacations) and that’s why I decided to help my blog readers to create a business online and I selected the category in which I have some experience and self learning for last 10 years.

I selected “professional blogging” to help you dominate the Indian blogosphere.

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