Google Updating PageRank – May 2012

Every business should be under your regular analysis and hence being an online business owner I use various plugins, software and sites to keep tracking my sites and their growth or down time.

In the same terms Google Pagerank also comes in every professional blogger or webmaster what specifies that how much quality and value a webpage is holding at the current update of google. Google keeps updating PageRank of each and every site listed in google search engine after every quarter of the year.

What is Google PageRank ?

Google PageRank is link analysis algorithm used by biggest search engine Google, PageRanks are assigned as a number from 0 to 10 what gives position to each and every page up or down into the search results according to the value provided into that specific web page
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Google Pagerank Update – May 2012 

Today when I was coming back from my college a call came on my mobile and at the other end my younger brother Rajnish Kumar of TechTwisted informing me that he is tracking Google PageRank Update – May 2012 as it was expected because it was about 3 months since last Google Pagerank Update – Feb 2012.

So I did a quick confirmation by searching over the Twitter as well as Google News but nothing was anything about this update and that’s the reason this is the second update regarding the Google Update – May 2012

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