Launched a new blog – The Insurancer

Just published my first article at the newly launched blog The Insurancer which is dedicated to the commons who seeks an expert guide during buying and managing their fund investment in the insurance sector.

This blog will get updated only once in the week because we don’t have traffic in the first month but you can motivate us to do regular posting to solve your problems by subscribing the same to get all the new articles directly in your email inbox.

And yeah we thought to not give frequent update till we touch our 1000 email subscribers so help yourself and peoples who need our help in their insurance policies by sending your interested friends to the blog asking to subscribe there by email.

Let us know what do you think about this initiative ?

It’s Downtime 4 My Main Blog

Now it’s time to move on a better or say at the best web host named as HostGator just because my site got some popularity over my target countries like U.S.A, U.K and India and my recent web-host do notify me again and again by making my site down to upgrade for more space and bandwidth because there is a high server load due to my site and it’s causing a great problem to the other users sharing the same server.
So without wasting more time and money I have decided to move on HostGator after consulting some of my blogger friends who are doing great here in Indian blogosphere. 
Yeah I already bought a plan from HostGator to host my site Business Blog and they are processing to transfer all the site data their within next 2-3 days until then my web network CTO (Chief Technical Officer) would try his best to make the site infront of all the visitors serving all the services with regular articles.
Note* – All the links pointing towards HostGator are my referral link and will generate some commission for me if you buys something from their marketplace.