I’m at Facebook Timeline now !!

Yesterday when I was browsing facebook after 2-3 days then suddenly saw a new style of the profile of one my friend and then got a notification of Facebook Timeline about what I was listening a lot of buzz but not gave any personal attention for researching or writing over the topic and in the same time I moved to it’s buzzing timeline and started finding best cover/wallpaper/banner to use at the top of my fb profile.
And when I completed my finding till satisfaction as shown below in the image of my fb profile I was carrying a list of websites where anyone can easily find out the cover for his/her facebook timeline profile.
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Win an Apple iPod Shuffle this Christmas

Hi friends I am back with a chance where you can win an Apple iPod Shuffle what is well advertised in the market as worlds smallest and best mp3 player.
According to my market analysis of promoting a new blog it’s more beneficial to organize a giveaway or contest for your readers to attract peoples attention in just a week or two and hence instead of hiring SEO expert, buying CPC credit at Facebook or Google  moved to put up this giveaway at my blog digmlm.
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Allow Me to Write for YOU

May be you are aware about my writing style and how effective it is or not for your business then also I would like to say please have a look at my other blogs (blogbaba, digmlm) where I write frequently under various categories that also pays me a little what is enough for being online with a broadband connection and some gadgets for living my love.
Offer me to write as a guest author at your blog or site 
I am writing this article for balancing the ratio between guest posts what people writes for my blog and guest posts what I writes for others. I am very much interested in writing at your respected blog or site just for getting 1 or 2 linkback for my main www.digmlm.com, so simply contact me with the information I have to work on.
Niche I can write within
If you know about the categories I cover at digmlm then it’s possibly clear to you that I can write around any topic just because of habit to do complete research before choosing any topic to write finally.
Hire me to write for YOU
I can also write for you in exchange of money so you will get your project done without researching and writing around any topic specially if you feels bad typing or don’t have time to complete this task with others.
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