I’m at Facebook Timeline now !!

Yesterday when I was browsing facebook after 2-3 days then suddenly saw a new style of the profile of one my friend and then got a notification of Facebook Timeline about what I was listening a lot of buzz but not gave any personal attention for researching or writing over the topic and in the same time I moved to it’s buzzing timeline and started finding best cover/wallpaper/banner to use at the top of my fb profile.
And when I completed my finding till satisfaction as shown below in the image of my fb profile I was carrying a list of websites where anyone can easily find out the cover for his/her facebook timeline profile.
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Win an Apple iPod Shuffle this Christmas

Hi friends I am back with a chance where you can win an Apple iPod Shuffle what is well advertised in the market as worlds smallest and best mp3 player.
According to my market analysis of promoting a new blog it’s more beneficial to organize a giveaway or contest for your readers to attract peoples attention in just a week or two and hence instead of hiring SEO expert, buying CPC credit at Facebook or Google  moved to put up this giveaway at my blog digmlm.
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