5 Reasons Why You Should Follow Anna Hazare

I was not serious about the movement against current Indian Government and increasing pressure for passing the famous Lokpal Bill putout by the Anna Hazare (well known for his social works), but now the clear vision is out and no doubt there is no personal benefits of Anna behind this startup so we should follow this vision.
I have seen some other bloggers to who are posting against Anna and movement started by him because they thinks this is another fake movement started by a common that will lead to no where. 
I have randomly selected an article that will tell you some negative aspects of this movement like – Top Ten Reasons Anna Hazare shouldn’t have waged a war on corruption
But I believe this movement have some goals to achieve and people who are supporting the same should  be really proud of themselves because they are in a chance to make their contribution to get a corruption free country. I am strongly making this movement a real movement and you should also aware your contacts by writing and sharing these type of information founded anywhere.
See those Reasons, why you should follow the Anna Hazare 
5.- Corruption is just a habit with what we can come over if keep resisting and making our moral some high and hence we all should follow the Lokpal Bill.
4.- Your 85% of friends (commons including all the business owners, professionals, servicemen and they all belongs to different religions even some of them are from abroad) are supporting this movement and what I think they all can’t be wrong at once in a single decision.
3.- We know this virus of corruption affected each and everyone but it’s also curable and the vaccine is infront of us the Lokpal Bill just take a prescription from the Government.
2.- Don’t think the Lokpal Bill will get waste but I think it would be the first step towards lowering the level of corruption and then we will observe the decreasing challenges facing in our day today life. 
1.- So you think corrupt people will find the way to make their business – and left the movement – who cares to even start na …………
But I think we should start this is the right time where we have someone as our leader, who knows after him we will be able to even ask any question to our Government and any of the minister will bother to say anything.
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Facebook Or Forgetbook

I have just written an article about a shutdown operation from the hacker group ‘Anonymous’ who are planning to completely kill the social media giant facebook.com on the coming 5th November 2011 also know as ‘Guy Fawkes Night’ as shown in the movie ‘V FOR VENDETTA’ which I just watched a couple of days before and that was really amazing and hence recommends you to watch the same.  
Come back to the topic I was just asking what do you thinks about this hack what is planned and a great headache for the lovers and management team of the facebook, will you please make a comment contribution below as same as you thinks about this topic after reading the source article as published by me today with all the exclusive updates regarding this news.
You can also say just Facebook for supporting this service or Forgetbook for removing this service.