Accidentlly I am Using Google +, Get Invitation

In the recent and last article I disclosed that how much distracted and busy I am because of my projects online and not getting time to manage relations using social media sites like facebook and twitter where I have a huge following and that’s why not going to join Google + firstly invited by one of my online friend Jijo Sunny (also known as kid blogger of Kerala) writes about blogging, make money online and SEO for bloggers at his blog Mextena.
How I am Using Google + Accidentally ?
Last week we were [me and my bro (who writes at fillsout)] discussing about Google + and it’s success and he asked me it should be in our test list and we should describe the same at our respected blogs for awaring peoples who really needs and searching Google. And I told that I have invitation pending from Jijo for joining Google + and gone somewhere for getting something as asked by my mother and when returned got notified by my bro that use your Google + account as he registered because of access in my email account.
Final Words, Should happy or sad
I tried to be away from this latest launch and to protect my time spending managing friends online but my luck was not with me and I became at another social media to become celebrity account holding here to.
Say what do you think after accessing your Google + ? If not registered yet just tweet and share this post using share buttons below title and comment for your invitation from Robinsh.Me.

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