How I am earning Rs.50 daily online by writing for others

It is really a tough job to make your position as much as high to charge even Rs.50 for your 200 – 500 word single articles. 
And now I am able to share the secrets to achieve that level where you can set your price for giving out the services online, because just got my first payment for working online (as a news writer) at

Reasons why I can offer my services
  •  Experience : Because of last two year experience in blogging (designing & content creation) made me able to do almost any beginning with anybody around the globe.
  • Able to deliver the demand : I think I am able to deliver the demand of the modern bloggers or the online business owners, even I also thinks to get some business online but funds are insufficient.
  • Can consult out : I have seen a lot of creative ideas flying in my mind and that may take your business to the next level of your goal in no time if you are agree to follow the steps.
  • Serious about future : I have seen my friends of my age who are enjoying their life by organising parties, tour, movies and other playing but I feels don’t like them, I feels like I have to do something different and not to go to join the 9 to 5 schedule.
My projects 
If you are reading me for the first time then it is necessary to have a look at my different creative main projects what motivates me to do more and better.
Some projects are under construction that’s the reason I can’t disclose their information before their official launch.
Over to you 
Now it’s your turn to say your words regarding these sentences I disclosed here for the very first time thinking about the fact that people likes to read success stories about earnings and growth online.

A whole night work, got a complete & satisfactory project

Last 4-5 days was so busy for me because of a project “Pharma Crunch” and ofcourse I was working for a solid cause that Pharmacy students are going to give an all India free GPAT mock test based on syllabus of 2011.
One of my senior told me about his idea project that he is interested in running a web portal for helping the guys who are preparing for GPAT and other examinations related to Pharma sector, and I got that project to live within to learn something new and no doubt I was right to give my best, as I was promising to myself.
It was really a great project and big enough to complete alone and hence would like to give the credit to other supports like my elder Rajnish, Deepesh Kumar (Administrator at PC).
Announcement from Pharma Crunch (PC)
We are creating PC such a portal for the students who are really interested to do some practice to measure their current level at their preparation and that all  tool will be available here in the form of free ebooks, free powerpoint slides, free  related novels and magazines and that all also available for download and print (as some pupils like to read hard copies).
We are concentrated to organise time to time free and paid exams online so be connected through our blog and ofcourse you can find us on all the social media.  
Over to you friends
I proud to complete this project because this will run for helping students like me who thinks to read online, learn online. Now you have to comment same what you are getting in your mind after watching my completed project.