Some of Interesting, Inspiring and Great Pupils around me

It’s really good thing if you observes people around you because they will be helpful to inspire you or to make you happy. Why I thought about happiness because I somewhere heard about it and the sentence was something like “Happiness is the key to success”.
And that’s why you should live in an environment far away from the negativity and the group of peoples who creates it all and makes you able to think that why are you not getting as much as others, from the life.
Today I going to share about all those personalities who cares to make a positive environment, where every one can live happily. And I better know because they all are around me, to whom I know personally.
Note* If you wanna friendship with them don’t forget to add them as a friend at facebook as I will mention their profile link under their information section.    

1. Ujjawal Tripathi

Occupation : Engineering Student
Hobbies : Collecting global facts, watching movies, reading novels
My Words : I think I got one of the best room-mate (my luck). He is really the best person in my Hostel because of his friendly and helpful nature, he gives the same what he receives. So just be friendly with him and I am sure you will like him.
2. Shantanu Yadav
Occupation : Engineering Student
Hobbies : Biking, Gaming

My Words : Looks innocent but that is not the reality, he is my college-mate lives in the same hostel. I think he is the most entertaining as well as the serious person in my friend list.

3. Kanishka Singh
Occupation : Engineering Student
Hobbies : Listening songs, chatting, travelling

My Words : A very cool buddy, he goes the same way he wants and he is really enjoying his life as he was planning since school days. Takes instant decisions I likes the most in his personality.

4. Nitish Kumar

Occupation : MCA Student
Hobbies : Watching movies, sleeping, cricketing  

My Words : Lives like a real senior, funny as well as helpful by nature. Firstly I was in contact with him because of exchanging movies, he really makes a huge collection of the movies, songs, wallpapers etc 

5. Vijay Sharma 

Occupation : MBA Student
Hobbies : Watching movies, chatting, sleeping
My Words : A movie maniac, lives his life according to his own likes and enjoyment. Expert in making new friends but not in managing them, watever he is but a very kind hearted person I have seen here in my college life.
Now you have to say that who is best for becoming your friend ?

Happy Holi ! “Discover why I don’t celebrates it with colors”.

In India Holi is one of the national festival and people celebrates it with full enthusiasm putting their all worries aside, no one thinks to be away from their home town because it is really a festival to celebrate with your friends and family. 

What are the reasons I don’t celebrates Holi ?
Since the beginning of my life I have some fear of hight and water as well and during the time of this colorful festival got a very bad impact from the relatives who use to play it all very roughly and with no mercy doesn’t matter I was always away from them during these time, some time in any corner room with door locked and some time under the bed or else.

I want to ask some questions, please answer if you have the answer.  
No doubt you also have some questions about the festivals and ways people celebrates them, but I would like to ask that all confidently to clear the doubts regarding changing means of celebration.
1. Why we celebrates festival :- I was aware about the previous answer of this question but now a days anyone of us will not be kind hearted to celebrate the festivals but just trying to maintain the regular believes of our seniors, and may be another cause to get some rest from our job or business.
You should check it out that is also covering the same topic written by me on the occasion of festival Diwali when I was not at home and was alone at my Hostel without any celebration.

2. Why the means of celebration is changing :- In previous stories heard that peoples use to wear new clothes and celebrates the festivals by meeting with each other distributing love, blessings and ofcourse the sweets. But now the commons are changing means of celebrating festivals like Holi and Diwali by creating unwanted act of drinking and related activities after drinking, in the cities pupil thinks that it is the day to be in full freedom and they enjoy by watching cinemas and partying at restaurants. 
After all the question arousal we should keep in mind that making new changes with changing time is a better idea to work on but only when you thinks to cover the level of qualities and other options with the previous version. 

100 things I like about me

I was thinking to collect all of my best part to show off or to give a link when someone ask about me and my hobbies, it is really a very hard work to remember about yourself just at that time when someone wants your best introduction.

  1. I am Robinsh Kumar.
  2. I like my name and its secrecy.
  3. Just moving over 18 years.
  4. I live in Uttar Pradesh, India.
  5. I love my country, and proud to be an Indian.
  6. I have an average physic.
  7. I like my smile, specially the dimples.
  8. I like to live like a child.
  9. I don’t care if people think that I am strange.
  10. I like to be online but in search of ideas.
  11. I like to have a lot of friends online as well as offline.
  12. I like to work on my own dreams.
  13. I like to love the whole human community.
  14. I am semi friendly in nature.
  15. I don’t have the tight schedule.
  16. I really enjoy being in my friend’s company.
  17. I always think positive about life.
  18. I don’t have an ego in mentality.
  19. I know that what are my goals.
  20. I have something to gift the world.
  21. I am not perfect and that is good.
  22. I am able to survive according to time.
  23. I like to learn all the updates.
  24. I don’t relate myself to anybody.
  25. I have the ability to understand people.
  26. I don’t believe in God, but can’t ignore.
  27. I don’t believe in the devil, but can’t ignore.
  28. I can be shameless, but only on my +ve acts.
  29. I can think healthy as hell even in opposite situations. 
  30. I am a little bit lazy to take new projects.
  31. I can entertain myself.
  32. I have the driver’s license.
  33. I am getting better at driving bikes.
  34. I am interested in learning to drive the car.
  35. I have a Linux Ubuntu OS on my PC.
  36. I am good with photoshop & similar one GIMP.
  37. I love stuff like hacking and making movies.
  38. I am getting myself better at blogging.
  39. I love writing on the current issues.
  40. I love to interact with other writers.
  41. I am learning a lot about social media.
  42. I don’t like to sit in front of the idiot – box.
  43. I love to watch action and science fiction movies.
  44. I can live alone and happy.
  45. I don’t think about the past.
  46. I am planning about my future projects.
  47. I am honest and can do anything to follow.
  48. I love to cook, but only if there is no other option.
  49. I love pets but can’t capture them at home.
  50. I really care about the nature and society.
  51. I am not interested in jobs to live the life.
  52. I love to find the adventures.
  53. I also love some sort of soft music.
  54. I love to play the heavy games until and unless they irritates.
  55. I haven’t thought to be in any relationship.
  56. I don’t follow the tight schedule.
  57. I always think about the next level of the current phase.
  58. I don’t hesitate in changing my dress again and again in the same day.
  59. I love to visit different cities to get freshness.
  60. I love to capture all the memorable events through photography.
  61. I believe in making your life full of happiness.
  62. I follow the successors to get success.
  63. I like to draw the sketches.
  64. I love to play with the lovely children.
  65. I make my life full of challenges for a better future.
  66. I don’t sing well but thinks to do it.
  67. I love to sleep, after completing some works.
  68. I can’t enjoy on other’s money.
  69. I don’t take the loan, until an unavoidable emergency occurs.
  70. I can’t live in a dirty room.
  71. I am ignoring to take medicines.
  72. I am good in performing household works.
  73. I can eat almost anything (in unfavorable conditions).
  74. I like spicy foods on the daily basis.
  75. I like to eat chocolates.
  76. I like to eat gogappe.
  77. I drink coca-cola.
  78. I drink a lot of water.
  79. I can research on any topic, if return will be positive.
  80. I don’t take Cigarettes.
  81. I am not an alcoholic.
  82. I can’t be overconfident ever.
  83. I don’t have the bad manners.
  84. I am the one who doesn’t have enemies. 
  85. I have the support of my friends and family.
  86. I am living the real college life.
  87. I am currently in my IT engineering.
  88. I live as a Paying Guest instead of at the Hostel.
  89. I don’t have any confusion about my aim of life.
  90. I really like to be a business owner.
  91. I try to become a self made business owner.
  92. I can become a different personality in no time.
  93. I am not the short tempered.
  94. I can even go uncontrollable in anger.
  95. I am able to deal with others anger.
  96. I respect others if they give the same. 
  97. I love to follow the current fashion.
  98. I generally wear jeans and shirt.
  99. I am unforgeable.
  100. I love myself.