10 Awkward things I Noticed while Travelling from Indian Railways

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Now I’m in a train and leaving New Delhi for my home town Allahabad and would like to mention that this train number 02394 is a special train from ANVT to PNBE running late by 17 hours and 25 minutes means once I was there at the Anand Vihar Terminal yesterday too in the evening but have had to return at my place after checking this much late in the train’s arrival and that too was expected arrival time.

So today in the noon I came back to the station by covering around 25 kilometers via Delhi Metro where you can at least assume your arrival timing anywhere in entire Delhi/NCR area because there is high tech management system involved.

Awkward things to Notice while Travelling from Indian Railways

Now come to the Awkward things you should notice during travelling from the Indian Railways like I did today while waiting for my train and getting my reserved seat.

1. Auto Fares

If you have to hire an Auto or the Rikshaw for even covering the 500 meters they will not feel shy to ask for Rs.100 as fare so it’s a good idea to ask a local or go with the electronic meter installed vehicle to save a lot more than your imagination.

They take full advantage of the lack of your information so carry a smart phone and install Google Maps and supporting applications like Places and Navigation to avoid hiring them for covering distance like 100 meters as it is also necessary to complete 10,000 steps in a day to stay healthy.

2. Consumable Items

Oh it’s ridiculous they make a great profit by selling the consumable goods even at the rate more than MRP that is specified by the related authorities that no one can ask for the price more than that because that includes all the expenses, profit and taxation on the product.

  • Charging more than MRP – No doubt you will always notice that the seller is charging more than the MPR of the product but you don’t care because you don’t have any other option that time and have to buy the product even at the cost more than specified by the company and government too.
  • Promoting local products – Vendors promoting substitutes of the branded products like Ju-C as a replacement of Minute Made, Everest replaces Rail Neer, Cola Cola or else by pushing away the famous brands like Pepsi and Coca Cola.

3. Coolie Rates 

I prefer carrying my own luggage but due to my observation I got to know that even if you have to get help in carrying your hand bag weighing 3-4 kgs then you have to pay Rs.40 for the next 20 minutes and after that the Coolie decided and you have to argue a lot.

Actually from the beginning they ask a lot that can also surpass the minimum and maximum as suggested by the Railways and they keep announcing about the same many times in an hour to help you being cheated.

So how that announcement goes –

Passengers are requested to Check the Batch Number of Coolie before hiring so you can complain against him in the Station Master’s office if any dispute occurs related to fee or carrying the luggage.

4. Crazy Announcements

If you will notice other than helpful announcements they goes like mad sometimes and forgets that what is that is to announce now.

Like I heard today – 

It was in Hindi and goes like this – Yaatri gan kripya dhyaan den gaadi sankhya 1400 … 0 aaaa 06 joki Anand Vihar se chalkar Kanpur, Allahabad hote hue Darbhanga ko jayegi apne nirdharit samay se 5 ghante ke deri se chal rahi hai aur ab yah train 18 bajkar 35 minute pe aayegi.

You got it ?

He forgot the train number and added 2 extra zeros 🙂
And please don’t forget to share if you also heard anything weird from the announcement guy or gal during travelling from Indian Railways.

A disclaimer – Hey I forgot the train number and route so you can’t sue me.

5. Late Running Trains

As I disclosed in the very beginning that this train is late by 17 hours and 25 minutes but the story will go pathetic for the peoples who have reservations for this train 02394 in todays date that is 7/12/2012 because that train will depart on 10/12/2012.

No one (officers and management staffs) cares for these trains special because these trains are running for a shorter period of time like for some festival or special occasion and in the mean time it would be its right to be late for 20,30 or 50 hours normally.

6. Coach or Dustbin

Here I will give full credit to passengers because they come with a full of bags of eatables wrapped in attractive covers made of plastic and paper and leaves all of that behind them even they don’t think of putting those garbage in dustbin fixed below the wash basins.

It’s we who can maintain the coaches for leaving a good impression on other passengers including the tourists who are visiting our country to share within their own society with the help of photos and videos, so use the dustbins and avoid those plastic bags as it is now banned by Delhi Government too.

  • Dirty Urinals – Use it properly and please flush before and after use to help the Indian Railways in controlling the dirtiness inside the train and also follow the instructions as always be there in the toilets. 

7. Paper Soap Seller in AC Compartments 🙂

One of the funniest observation revealed in this section because I always got it to note down that these paper soap sellers would hardly be available in general and sleeper coaches where there you really need the soap to wash your hand after using the toilet but they always come with the AC Compartments where there you will always find the liquid soap in the bottle fixed near the wash basin in every toilet as filled by the company in contract with the Indian Railways.

8. T.T.E Don’t Cares

You will hardly find the T.T.E during searching and settling your luggage at your reserved seat because many times it happens some error in charting or the reservation report occurs like allotment of the same seat to two different passengers or else.

  • Can’t see PNR Number due to weak EYEs  Most of the T.T.E are old age in Indian Railways and now they generally requests to read your PNR Number to check on their chart to confirm your seat and presence.
  • Staff not Allowed so they can Sell the Available Seats – My father is an Indian Railways staff and that’s why whole family gets a Pass for AC 2 Tier and hence I always check the T.T.E about the available seats but as usual they never allows staff because that seat can be sold for a great amount to an outsider and then all the income will go into the T.T.Es pocket that can be called an extra income and that’s why we seeks Government JOB.    

9. Coach attendant lives in Losses

Coach attendant the guy who gives us the blanket, bed sheet, pillow and all working life in losses because of the theft of these items in masses every month.

But how these attendants go into losses ?

Actually these attendants are not the staff of Indian Railways and do JOB for a contractor who gives these items to serve and care and if any lost occurs then the attendant pays the equivalent amount to the contractor as a fine of being careless.

So friends help me to aware others and share this article in your social networks to let them know that if they steals those Indian Railways printed items and thinking that they are stealing from Indian Railways (most profitable department of the Indian Government) then they are totally wrong and stealing from a poor guy who is working hard to earn and pay the same or more as fine.

10. Total of 18 Charging Points for 72 People 

I’m in AC 3 Tier now and getting only 18 charging points in front where a general passenger can reach and charge but some of them are not working because I checked them almost all of them due to mostly vacant compartment, so do you think it’s enough for 72 people ?

And even when now the people are travelling with gadgets and gadgets like mp3 player, camera, cell phone or notebook and almost all the gadgets have their own and unique charger.

Over to You

Now it’s your turn to write because now I’m feeling sleepy and would like to sleep some time in this noiseless compartment where I did a lot of productive and interactive activity like tweeting some very important tweets and Facebook updates for a cause like alerting everybody about the Tsunami in Japan.

Please feel free to comment and share because I really love getting a response.

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