I got Interviewed by Amit Kumar from Ebcsa India

I created Allahabadi Bazaar a local Buy & Sell group at Facebook and that group grown to 22,000+ active members giving awesome connectivity and boost in local businesses.

I’ll discuss about that group in detail in my upcoming blog posts, but today in this post I want to share my video interview that is featured by Amit Kumar who is the founder and CEO of Entrepreneurs Business Consultancy Services Agency India (Ebcsa India)., and he also came in my contact only from Allahabadi Bazaaar.

My First Video Interview, Please Watch & Share!

What is inside this video Interview?

I was doing a lot of video works recently and this is also the part of that work, when Amit asked me about my video Interview, I said I’m ready give me the script and I’ll prepare for it but he insisted to be original and natural, that’s why we started without any prior planning or script.

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Behtar Services – Story Behind My Firm Registration

I was doing freelancing, blogging and some short of digital marketing to make a living online and that was all on my personal details like my home address & my personal bank account.But after #noteban and completing my MBA in marketing I thought that I should create a legal entity and use business banking to receive funds and file the ITR in proper manner, so I decided to register a proprietorship firm in my home town Allahabad. Continue reading

How to Create a Free Blog on Blogger

Are you thinking about writing your thoughts, experiences on regular basis? Then you would get suggestions like write a diary or write a book but I would suggest you to create a blog.

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When you would think about my suggestion of blogging, second thoughts would be alike blogging would be costly to maintain or it would require technical knowledge but let me tell you one thing that Google have a solution for you.

Yes Google have a free tool named Blogger, it is a platform to help you start blogging within next 10 minutes.

How to Create a Free Blog at Blogger?

Visit Blogger.com

visit blogger.com

Blogger.com is powered by Google so you need not to create a separate account to create your blog. Just use your Google account login details and click on Create Your Blog option. Continue reading